Event Review: Spring Coronation 2019 by René Damours

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I love Coronation. It's one of my favorite events. I enjoy the pomp and ceremony. I enjoy the swearing of oaths. I enjoy seeing our proud traditions on display. It's a great day for Ansteorra, as we all gather to see one reign end and another begin.

I've attended a lot of Coronations, but some things happened this weekend that I had never seen before, and seeing them filled my heart and soul to the very brim.

To begin with, I must say thank you to Conal and Miguel. This reign was truly a joy to watch, made so by the constant smiles on your faces. The touching way you gave out your gauntlets and gloves, coupled with the words you said for each recipient, stand as testament to the kindness you both possess. I'm glad and honored to call you both a friend. Know, at least for my part, the cheers and applause you so richly deserved, as you both recessed, were genuine and heart-felt.

To the stepping up court, and all its ceremony. The anticipation of the moment is always palpable and this was no different. As Ansteorra's gathered Knights stood to challenge the one who would take the Crown from them, the room was in a hush, save the words of the Royal Herald. Then, when His Majesty Vlad crowned himself Sultan, the cheers that erupted were like nothing I'd heard at a Coronation ever! That moment will ever be printed in my memory. That and the infectious smile on your face. It lit up the room.

Then came our new Queen, Margaret ny Connor, and I was moved again by the words of His Majesty, as he gave you the Crown, and the room erupted again as you claimed your rightful place as Queen. You have always been an inspiration to me, and I'm thrilled beyond words to have witnessed this moment. The two of were a portrait, and I'm so glad I was there to see it.

After the usual oath-taking ceremonies, when the populace was given permission to swear fealty, the unbroken chain to the Sword of State was the longest I'd ever seen, and it was glorious. I stood there in awe at the sight, as more and more Ansteorrans made their way. I'm a proud Ansteorran, and seeing this made me even prouder!

To all of those who received well deserved awards, congratulations. To my friend, and brother, Avery Shaw, man, wow! Congratulations! You and Gwenneth were some of the first people I met in Bryn Gwlad so many years ago, and I've been made better by your friendships.

I got home feeling rejuvenated.

These words, written by Rene Damours, OL, WSA, stand as witness to the greatness that is Ansteorra.