Event Review: July 2019 Haldtre Demo by Owen ap Aeddan

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The marvelous Commander of the army of Vindheim called to all those loyal to the mighty Sultan Vladislav and our ever radiant beautiful Queen Margaret ny Connor of Ansteorra to arrive within the lands of the Canton of Haldtre (which falls under the protection of the mighty and beautiful Baronesses of Wiesenfeuer, on the Feast day of The Seven Sleepers. The goal: to make ready for the great war to the East. I sent out messengers to all of my squires and those who are in fealty to me. While awaiting their reply, I readied my children and myself for travel. Due to the ruination of many plans, we did not get on the road until the morning of the Feast Day, and while I am prepared to travel with that much haste, it is not how I prefer to enjoy the beautiful lands of Ansteorra. We met up at the lands of Bagadur Orion. From the great lands of Northkeep, Lady Koke Gan joined us, as did Lord Rashid. Together we departed, and hurried so that we could arrive and spend the day working to keep our army strong and well trained.

We swiftly arrived, due to the vigilance of the Sultan to keep the roads open and clear, and greeted the wonderful populous of Haldtre, and the visitors from all over Vindheim. We had members of the Canton of Wyldewode, Barony of Northkeep, Barony of Namron, Barony of Wiesenfeuer, Province of Mooneschadowe, Barony of Eldern Hills, Canton of Myrgenfeld, the incipient Canton of Isenholtz, and the Shire of Adlersruhe.

I was able to give a small gift to my Baronesses of Wiesenfeuer, as they were in attendance. It always brings my heart joy to see them, as they are dear friends of mine. We started the day with one-on-one fighting, so that we could share the joy of glorious battle with those who have never seen such things. After a short time, the Commander called us to attend his words, and had us practice and prepare for the upcoming Wars. Centurion Wulfgard Martel, being ever the epitome of a Centurion of the Sable Star, ran the fighters through the various commands that our General wishes to use. Making sure everyone was on the same page, keeping units together - it reminded me of His Grace Jean Paul de Sens when he was Northern Regional commander, of which I have many great memories.

Lord Hari was there, which brought a smile to my face. I knew he would get the chance to fight and speak with Bagadur Orion, for I know Hari is on a quest for HG Jason. (For I had fought and answered his questions when we met at the Sunfest in Chemin Noir. Also he is the kind of person that just makes things better. His love of Chivalric combat - not just fighting but helping others to fight - is a joy to behold.

Centurion Aldric de Kerr, was there looking sharp fighting great, and assisting with the melees. The fabulous young Lady Aoife inghean Uirairc, who is a shining example of nobility, showed up to make the day brighter and better. I love how she has grown and matured. Her Excellency Meadhbh inghean Rois is truly a beautiful sight to behold. It was so great to visit with her. Her hugs made my day better.

Getting to visit with Hagen and wrap up a conversation that we started at the Sunfest demo was amazing. My scribes have drafted the scrolls and my messengers should arrive shortly so he can formally begin the quest I have offered him. I saw much in him when first we fought at Castellan. I very much look forward to seeing where he goes and what he becomes.

Getting to see Rashid fight is a treasure of awesomeness to behold. He fights with pure joy and is doing a great job of controlling his power. He was one of the seconds in command. He did an admirable job keeping the unit together, and focused on the scenario goals and what needed to be done to achieve them. His fights with glaive were amazing.

Getting to share the field of chivalric combat with Lord Gavrill Ivanovich was awesome. His skill with spear has dramatically increased; it was a real pleasure watching him grow as a combatant.

Bagadur Cinoajin, known by the Greeks as Orion, was not only vital for training the fighters in attendance to fight better, he also helped educate those who listened to his thoughts on Chivalry and being a Knight of the Society.

I could definitely tell that none of my squires were able to join us in glorious combat, as I was riddled with arrows from every archer in attendance, during every scenario. HL Karl Thorgeirsson and Matteao di Genua did an amazing job. I cannot thank them enough for helping me work on my running.

A good man from Namron, Ragnar is a newer fighter, but his heart is full of desire to test himself in glorious combat and he has ever sought out a challenge. He is really a shining light and a truly good person. Thankfully, his gorgeous wife Katheryn Cranesgrove came to the demo with him and I was lucky enough to get to talk with her a little. I very much look forward to all of the awesome things she will achieve.

The Lady Koke Gan, was ever-present to help newcomers and make sure that fighters had plenty to drink -- because with the nice breeze that was blowing, we dehydrated very quickly. Also, her skills with juggling have increased quite a bit since I last saw her at the Midsummers Faire in the lands of Mooneschadowe, when she was teaching children how to juggle.

As always, the wonderful, ever beautiful, Gwenllian verch Madyn was surrounded by beauty and gorgeous things that caught the eye. She also happened to be in the Arts and Sciences pavilion which had beautiful creations on display. She was talking with those who wished to know more about such wonders that they had never seen. Her Laurel was in attendance as well - Mistress Sabiha al Zarqa - who was a vision of beauty and skill. I cannot think of a single time that seeing her did not make my day better, and bring a smile to my face.

Lady Kizzy organized an excellent event. Many were introduced to the wonders and glory that is Ansteorra because of her hard work. Her radiant smile made the day a happier day for everyone there. Her hard work was evident in how smoothly this event flowed and she is a real treasure to our Kingdom.

Cornelius Meriläinen not only made the trek, but brought loaner Rapier gear with him. I am sure that many from the Canton were happy to see him and learn about Rapier combat, as they were holding a fundraiser to purchase loaner gear for the Canton. His Master, Orlando Giovanni should be proud to have such a fine Cadet.

Siaua not only fought on the chivalric field, she crossed over to help Cornelius on the Rapier field as well. Her enthusiasm was a joy to see.

My heirs, Henry ap Owen and Adair ap Owen had someone to join them in youth combat and they had a blast fighting and playing throughout the day.

His Excellency, Uriah Wolfstarwas in attendance and it was great to see and visit with him. He adds so much to everything he attends. For an excellent story, ask him to tell you about beating Henry with a dead horse.

Centurion Charles the Grey got sucked into Seneschal business, so we did not get to fight together. I made a feeble attempt to show the fighters from Wyldewode how to use the scutums they brought. I hope they get the chance to learn from Charles, as his experience is far greater, as is his skill.

Getting to see Mistress Elsa was, as always, a highlight of the day. She brings joy to the most trivial of tasks. Her smile welcomes all, and her no-nonsense way of getting stuff done draws people in to help.

It was great to see so many of the members of Haldtre in attendance and helping introduce Ansteorra to those who were not aware. Your generosity and hospitality will become legendary. Thank you for making the day so awesome.

The travel home was smooth and easy, especially with such fine travelling companions. Thanks to our glorious Sultan and Queen, the roads were safe and well-maintained. We arrived back to Bagadur Orion’s lands and went our separate ways, happy and fulfilled from good food, fellowship, and the greatness that is Vindheim and the Kingdom of Ansteorra

As I witnessed it,
Iarll Owen ap Aeddan Marchog of Ansteorra