Event Review: 2019 Spring Coronation by Owen ap Aeddan

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The call was heard throughout the lands that our Prince was soon to ascend the throne and that he would be holding a tournament for his Champion and for the stout youths of our Kingdom to bring forth their armor and weapons and fight to become the King's Dream. So my squire Alexandre and his beautiful Lady Alicia met at my wonderful wife’s keep within the Barony of Namron and we strove forth through the storms with my heir Henry ap Owen to attend these tournaments and honor our Prince and Princess.

Great were the struggles through the storms as we travelled to the lands of Isenholz within the influence of the Barony of the Eldern Hills. We arrived safely and quickly got ourselves ready for the tournaments and started visiting with many friends who my eyes had not seen in too many Moons.

Great was it to see my friend Viscount Galen of Bristol and his many heirs who fought hard and brought much honor to his family. The marvelous Lady Seren Bleddyn, whose oldest daughter, Eleanor ferch Bleddyn, should strike fear into the hearts of any fighter, was a force to be reckoned with in this glorious day of fighting. Leikr the Beardless was an inspiration to watch fight and he fought well throughout the day. My son Henry stayed focused and fought well and was announced in the Court of Sultan Vladislav and Queen Margaret to be the Defender of the Kings Dream. He comported himself well into court and made my heart happy with all the people who came up to me to say what a joy he was to stand in court with.

The number of fighters who entered the King's Champion tournament is a testament to the love that so many have for our Prince. From my house, Centurion Alexandre and his Man at Arms, Lord Gerhardt, both entered and fought with zeal and honor. Many of their fights entertained not only the crowd, but his Highness as well. Great fights take great opponents and to all those who fought - thank you for providing such great fights!

I was honored to be asked to process with my dear friend Honorable Lord Isaac Bane. We processed into the Final Court of King Miguel and Queen Conal, with much fanfare. I was the first to bear witness to the greatness that is Isaac Bane’s skill and his worthiness of being a Laurel. My words came from my heart as I spoke about my friend and most worthy artisan. I then got out of the way so others could bear witness to the gathered Court. Many awards were given to many well-deserving members of the populace; much cheering was done. The last award given was to Avery Shaw. He was recognized by the Crown as the Lion he is. So much deserved and wonderful to bear witness to. The stepping down of a great King and Queen whom I was honored to serve is an experience that I treasure. May their rest be fulfilling.

It is the Chivalry’s duty to guard the Thrones and the King's Crown while we wait for the Crown Prince to come and ascend to be King. We did not have to wait long as His Royal Highness came forth and was challenged by Viscount Sir Galen. His response was awesome, and he said the magic words: “By right of arms.” An added tradition to honor his roots was done by our new Sultan, which was glorious to witness, as knowledge was passed from Elder to the New Leader. As a Crown should, he released the chivalry from guarding the Crown and the Thrones.

As any truly noble chivalric fighter knows, you cannot succeed without inspiration. It is a common thug who fights without it, and without that added heart and glory of being inspired, the thug will always lose. His Royal Majesty knows this. His inspiration was the wonderful and amazing Countess Margaret. For many years she has been close to my heart, and I have treasured knowing her from the first weekend we were introduced. In fact, I, too, have known the inspiration that she provides, as my first time being Protector of Namron, I had the honor of fighting for her. Seeing her process in, and hearing my King speak of how wonderful she is, brought tears to my eyes. We as a populace should rejoice that we are blessed with such worthy rulers. With such greatness upon the throne, I gathered up our gear and readied for the trip back to my wonderful wife’s keep, to deliver my heir safely to her. We sent our squire and his wonderful wife to their holdings and laid down to rest from such a glorious day.

By my hand,

Iarll Owen ap Aeddan
Marchog of Ansteorra