Emma de Davyntre

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Emma de Davyntre in Snow.jpeg
Registered Name: Emma de Davyntre
Resides: Bjornsborg
Status: Active
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence
Emma de Davyntre
Emma de Daventre - Device 2.jpeg
Device - Per bend sinister vert and sable, a bend sinister argent between a triquetra and a tree couped and blasted Or.

Lady Emma de Davyntre

Previously Known As:
Pronouns: She/Her

Additional Registered Heraldry:

Registered Badge

The following badge associated with this name was registered in February of 2016 (via Ansteorra): Argent, a fox sejant erect gules marked argent between eight butterflies in annulo purpure.
The following badge associated with this name was registered in April of 2018 (via Ansteorra): (Fieldless) On a butterfly purpure a triquetra argent.
The following badge associated with this name was registered in August of 2018 (via Ansteorra): (Fieldless) A paternoster quarterly vert and purpure tasseled argent.

Mantling 1: Vert / Mantling 2: Argent
Helm: 14th C. Great Helm Or<, facing DexterBR> Crest: Iris purpure, slipped and leaved vert


  • Regional Offices Held
  • Kingdom Offices Held

Persona History:

Emma is from the little town of Daventry, England. She works as as an artisan of many talents. From paternosters to heraldry, she pursues many fields to enrich her life.


  • Heraldry
  • Paternosters and Prayer Beads
  • Occult Studies
  • Herbalism
  • Costuming
  • Gemstone Lore
  • Mythology and Philosophy


Timeline of Activity:

2011 - Joined the SCA in Gleann Abhann, Shire of Loch Bais
2012 - Moved to Ansteorra, Stargate
2014 - Married Don Isaac von Basel, moved to Steppes
2015 - Moved to Stargate
2017 - Moved to Bryn Gwlad
2018 - Became an Apprentice, Moved to Bjornsborg

Prior Groups:

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

2018 - Apprenticed to Master Aubri de Baudricourt
2018 - Scored well in Ansteorra's Kingdom A&S with her Paternosters Research Project.
2018 - Seawinds Artisan Defender

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

2017 - Golden Martlet - 2017


Mundane Information:

website: www.evaduplanart.com
email: evaduplanart@yahoo.com

Special Needs:

In Case of Court: