Elsa Timeline: 2012

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  • Steppes 12th Night
  • wInterkingdom: Lucet class
  • I received my Grant in February in the form of an Iris at Kingdom A&S, held in Eldern Hills. Presented by HRM Amelot (and bearing her token) in the presence of HRH Elizabeta. It was definitely a surprise, and a welcome one at that. I'd almost talked myself out of going to the event but came back around when a caravan was assembled, and anyway, I had bearded hats to deliver to Adena before Company of Wolves the following weekend. I got one ribbon from M.Michelle and one from M.Beorhtlic - the one Elisavetta had made for Aelfwyn, complete with a rockin' pin from Aelfwyn.
  • Gulf War XXI: We stopped by New Orleans on the way to Site. I ran the camp kitchen and was staff at Volunteer Point. (JP Land.) Octavia sammich ninja'd! I got my very own "flash mob" led by Nik when he hunted me down through Merchant's row (on VP business) to give me a MOG Cog for running the kitchen. The Guard was so involved in playing "weeping angels" that they ended up attracting the attention of HRH Elizabeta, who had also been looking for me to give me one of her shmexy unicorn pins to put on my pretty rainbow ribbon! It was a good day to be me. :-)
  • Triumphe VII - of the Apocalypse! Autocratting with Reis