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Andrew Turnbull Portrait.jpg
Photo by Steve Herring
Registered Name: Andrew Turnbull
Resides: Namron
Status: Active
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence
Andrew Turnbull
Andrew Turnbull - Device.png
Lozengy Or and azure, a bull's head erased between three crosses potent gules.

His Excellency, Sir Eadwulf Terricson, CSS, KSCA

Previously Known As: Andrew Turnbull

Additional Registered Heraldry:


  • Local Offices Held
    • Prior Baron of Namron, 05/03/2014 - 09/21/2019
  • Regional Offices Held
  • Kingdom Offices Held

Persona History:

Singing Rounds


  • Chivaric Combat, primarily melee
  • Leatherwork
  • Woodworking, mostly furniture
  • Bardic, with a focus on singing

Timeline of Activity:

Thoughts on Vindheim Premier Coronet Tourney:

The story called Vindheim had its opening pages written this past Saturday. Vivat Romanius, who sits as Her first Prince, and his inspiration, Princess Deanna. I was honored to be one of the first list of heroes who sought the Coronets.

The day was cold, but fierce were the fires of we combatants. It was a joy to face Lord Oddr Marsson, Baron Micolay Haiduk and Centurion Bjorn hestr Hauksson - who bested me after some amazing and VERY taxing combat. Thank you so much, my friends.

Throughout the day my AMAZING wife was supportive and understanding of the time I needed to do what I was doing and did very little chiding of my not being able to watch the boys. My Love, you are beyond words. I Love You.

In evening court, I watched from a distance as so many well deserved folk were recognized for their hard work and the fruits of their labors, all the while holding Ozzy against my chest as he finally got to nap.

Until the Centurions were called and we welcomed two new brothers, who I have called friend for some time. Congratulations again Set and Turpin! I was in the back with my brother Centurions when the Order or Chivalry was called. Until I heard my name cried out. My heart stopped.

I am honored to be asked to join such an Order and to stand with such ranks of Gentles that I saw and still see as heroes, mentors and dear friends. My thanks (humble and deep) to Their Stellar Majesties Floki and Elizabeth for this offer which I accepted with all my heart.

What a glorious day.
So say I, Andrew Turnbull, Knight-Elect.

Needful Wordfame Upon his Elevation to Knightood

One of the greatest commodities in our Society is word fame. I have a lot to spread, so brace yourselves.

The Vigil:
It is not a vigil without food. Thank you to Lady Emma, Baroness Uliana, Mistress Zubeydah, Lord Darien and Baroness Caterinafor putting out a spread that was yummy and inviting. Special thanks to Lady Lyra for all of the time spent over the grill cooking bacon. Lots of bacon. She spent most of the day at the grill, and then turned her attention to the Vigil Book. Making sure the book had an attendant and when was not available doing it herself. I am so thankful. My thanks to Their Excellencies of Namron for providing me a vigil book, and to Lord Yancy for a place to rest my bum while folks came in for a visit. Thanks also to Yancy and Fru Kolfinna for the tenets of chivalry wood plaques. They added awesome decoration to the vigil tent. Thanks to my guards for checking in on me and keeping things moving smoothly. (His Excellency Meurik, Lord Raulf, Centurion Skeggi). Master Donnchadh made sure no one went thirsty, and for that I am MOST grateful as well.

The Elevation:
How often do we go about our days at events not recognizing who is affected by our words and deeds? The ceremony opened my eyes to how being who I am and doing what I do has an impact. My Knight, Sir Wilhelm von Buch, thank you. For all of it. (Except for not teaching me how to tie down a tarp. —Kylie) To all of those who spoke on my behalf: Duke Mahadi, Duchess Margaret, Countess Octavia, Countess Michelle, Master Mykaru, Master Ivarr runamagi, Master Orlando, Sir Asoph, Sir Kyrus and Sir Vilhjalmr who not only spoke of the spurs that were his gift but also created an amazing runestone “scroll” that is a true representation of the weight of the moment.

I wore garb lovingly crafted by my sister-in-law, Mistress Adena. She had a LOT of help. Thank you to Baroness Annabelle, who crafted the trim. To Baron Micolay who designed the wood blocks for the fabric stamping and to Lady Koia for doing the stamping.

My thanks to Master Donnchadh, Lord Raulf, Lady Orlah, Lady Koia for helping with the procession and to Master Fionn’s words and their impact. Special thanks to Lady Ellen for helping make sure Ozzy and Remi walked and even more so for taking them and getting them to bed so Mom and Dad could stay in court. Your help was needed and appreciated beyond words.

To their Majesties, thank you for this new chance to serve my Kingdom and the Society in an even bigger way. I pray I am up to the task.

To my wife (my Love, my Rock, my sounding board, my everything) and my family thank you for supporting me this far down the road.
So say I, in gratitude
Eadwulf Terricsson

Populace Provided Information:

Angelina Francesca de Nardi

HE Andrew Turnbull is known as a former Baron of Namron and a Chivalric fighter. But - have you heard him sing? It was at his home around a bonfire one night during a social gather that I heard him for the first time. He filked "The High King’s Fields of Glory" and made it about our own beloved Ansteorra. I remember being in awe of his voice and filled with pride as he sang about our kingdom. Whenever he sits around a bardic circle, there is a request for his song.

Ivo Blackhawk

I was first introduced to Andrew in something of a sideways manner just after he married Kyna Terricsdottir, whom I had known since my first month in the society, years before. But I think my real moment of truly meeting this man came at Gulf Wars about a year later. It was late...really late, and both of us were categorically dead on our feet. I had taken a rest in an empty chair to give my knees a break, had Andrew has sat down, looking no less worn out, on the other side of the small pavilion. He said “I’m just going to sit down for a moment, but I so need to get some sleep in the next five minutes.” We just started talking at that point, casual, exhausted conversation shared between two people who were not only willing, but glad to run themselves completely ragged for the hobby they love. Something like an hour and a half later, we both finally decided that we did, in fact, have to stop talking and actually get some sleep, but we also both apologized for having to cut the conversation off as well. I don’t think there is any one thing about him that sets him apart, but rather just the overall fact that he is such an earnest, hard working, well read, and kind hearted person, a true joy of a person to know and call a friend.

About 5 years ago, as something of a side project, I started writing title cards for people along the theme of “If I were to introduce you in a book, this is how I would do it”. This is what I wrote for Andrew:

“There was a silent resoluteness to Andrew, a man rigidly confident in his place in the world, but none the less glad for it at the same time. Like a bolder in the evening surf, his presence was an afterthought, a piece of the scenery, until you ran headlong into him, and learned that his calm demeanor was surpassed only by his silent strength. For some, his strength was the promise of a painful defeat after an ill advised challenge, but for others the regal confidence he carried with him was reinforcement rivaling any army. A man of quiet power, and man a quiet joy.”


Andrew Turnbull, and his wife, Kyna Terricsdottir, both appear as themselves in the SCA-centered mystery novel “In the Shadow of Honor” by Cisco Cividanes.

Art & Photo by Elena Wyth

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Champion to Sultan Vladislav I

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:


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