Diarmait ua Dhuinn

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Diarmait Portrait.jpg
Registered Name: Diarmait ua Dhuinn
Resides: In Memory (Northkeep)
Status: Fallen Star
Joined SCA: AS XVIII (1984)
Order of Precedence
Diarmait ua Dhuinn
Diarmait au Dhuinn Device.png
Per bend sable and vert a Bengal tiger rampant Or marked sable and in sinister chief a grenade Or
Motto: "Veritas officio mortuua" (The Truth is our Duty to the Dead)

Master Diarmait ua Dhuinn, OL

Previously Known As: Diarmaid O'Dunn, Diarmaid O'Duinn , Diarmait ua Dhuinn, Diarmuit ui Dhuinn, Dermot O'Donn, Marc Carlson
(Pronounced "DJair-(mait) Oh Doo-in")

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Persona History:

Diarmaid was born around the Meath/Leinster border, and left home after some fuss at the school he was attending in Dublin. Signing on as a crew member of a merchant vessel sailing to Spain, he has never returned to his homeland. He's spent some time traveling about, mostly making business contacts, and finalizing business deals. His business dealings have earned him sufficient income that he has the time and leisure to pursue his studies. He and his wife Dunstana live in London, in a moderately sized house in the Parish of St. Dunstan's in Eastcheap, within walking distance of the Tower, the River, and the German merchants with whom he does much business. He has invested in a number of businesses around town, including that of one Jeremy Hill, Cordwainer. He and Dunstana have two maids, and no children.


Research, Photography, Religion, Anthropology (Applied/Historical), Historical Recreation, Archaeological Clothing, Leatherworking, Medieval Shoemaking, Woodworking, Knifemaking, Bone carving, Horning, Medieval Martial Arts, etc.

Timeline of Activity:

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Populace Provided Information:

Witnessing Diarmait's Elevation: Zubeydah

Notes of Zubeydah, from her event review of Wiesenfeuer Yule, 2004:
Northkeep's own Diarmaid O'Dunn was, in what appeared to be a completely sneaky surprise, elevated to the Order of the Laurel. What touched me about it so much, is the other peers LINING UP to speak for this man. The king asked, 'Is there a member of the Chivalry who will speak for this man?" "I will!" "I will!" "I will!" "I will! And as the more senior, I claim first right to speak!" Sir Owen ap Aeddan said it most eloquently: "This is the man, who for years, has been the example to me of what a Laurel should be." Sir Burke relayed how he had known Diarmuid since high school.... Sir Balvin Thorfinnsson complimented Diarmuid, saying he had 'a warrior's heart and honor.' ... and Sieur Jean-Paul de Sens described how much Diarmuid had contributed to his experience and knowledge, and that of others. Diarmuid was presented with a cloak of Her Excellency, Mistress Stacia's making, and if I heard correctly, a silver laurel medallion made by Master Beorhlic Folcwineson. A wreath of laurel leaves was placed upon his head by his own Lady, Mistress Dunstana Talana the Violet - it was the very same wreath that she had been Laurelled with. (Who had also made his garb: a very smashing ensemble with a black woolen scholar's coat, with intricate raised work on the sleeves. I initially thought that he HAD to have known, because he looked quite dressed for the occasion, but have since been assured that when he does attend court, he is always thus nattily dressed.)

Witnessing Diarmait's Elevation: Anastacia Marie Travarra

The Laurel cloak that was laid on Dairmaid's shoulders by Beorthlic's hand, and by his kind assent my own, was a heart gift made by my hand for Beorthlic's elevation at WYR now 6 years past... The passing of such a piece of historied regalia is a true mark of affection, acceptance, joy and respect. And yes the Lion was overcome with the evenings doings, Diarmuid was the first he stood for, and the words that overflowed his heart could come out his expression, stance and eyes but he could not give them vocalization...He rallied himself for the next three..."

Don Pachomius Oneshoe (Maestro Curtis)

(April, 2022)
Have you ever known a sage? I know one.
But first, the shoes.
Hidden and lost between two walls in a very old house was a pair of old leather shoes. At some point the house was remodeled, the ancient shoes were discovered and the sages marveled at the historical design. One of these sages decided that he would recreate the shoes and silently he toiled on this mysterious project redoing the work of people long dead so that this knowledge would not be lost from the world. When the work was done and without warning, he presented these newly-crafted shoes with the tale of the lost shoes, the special leather, and the hand-work that had gone into their creation to an undeserving and foolish friend he knew. I think it was his hope that these shoes with their true hobnails would give better traction while fencing in the grass and that perhaps these shoes would go on to live a rich life of shoe adventure. To experience a life of sole and soul.
And they have. Never have I fallen and the deeds I have done in these shoes were great. At one time I called them "Air-Diarmaids" because never did I fall or slip.
And the story of these shoes is just a peek at the character, talent, and generosity of this sage, my friend, Marc Carlson.
Imagine a sage who has knowledge of things both great and terrible. The kind of sage that, when the time comes to learn terrible secrets, doesn't flinch from the truth and shines light into the darkest of places. The world would come to his door and he would take you by the hand and lead you into the secrets both good and bad.
That's the sage I know.
Also, they are lovely shoes. In the courtyard of heaven I shall gleefully throw sparks from the cobblestones with my hobnails as I stride forward to shake his hand again.
My dearest of sages, take comfort in this time. You have always been great and the world has been forever changed by your knowledge, your skill, and your generosity.

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  • Married to Dunstana Talana (Deceased)
  • Apprentices:
    • Anna de Byxe
    • Johan von Aue

Mundane Information:

Author of Footwear of the Middle Ages.
Librarian of Special Collections and University Archives, McFarlin Library, The University of Tulsa. Personal Website

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