Court Barony

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Award Information
Type: Grant level
Founded: Corpora
Premiere(s): not applicable
Recipients: Award Recipients


Simple Grant of Arms, along with plain Award of Arms, Court Barony, the Patents of Arms (or Peerages), Royal Peerages and the Order of the Rose are all created within the Corpora of the SCA so that these are SCA-wide orders and awards.


All holders of a Court Barony received in Ansteorra shall take precedence after the peerages and before all other Grant Level awards.

Baronial Coronets: Ansteorra

A. All barons and baronesses have the right to wear one of the following as a sign of their rank:

1. Flat-topped coronets may have 6 to 12 spherical projections of no more than ½ inch diameter extending from the top of the coronet. It is recommended that flat-topped baronial coronets be made clearly wider than fillets.

2. Engrailed coronets may have up to six points or projections, which may be surmounted by spherical projections of no more than ½ inch diameter. The line of the coronet between points must be smoothly concave, in order to clearly distinguish them from county coronets.

Court barons and baronesses have the right to wear standard baronial coronets, as long as the decorations do not violate existing sumptuary laws.

Award Recipients

Non-Armigerous - AoA Level - Grant Level - Peerage