Company of St. Sebastian

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Company of St. Sebastian badge

About the Company

The Company of Saint Sebastian is a Company of Archers and like minded breathren headquartered within the SCA Kingdom of Ansteorra.

It is their stated goal to support Ansteorra and her Crown Sovereigns in all efforts, especially those relating to, but not solely, archery. To those ends, members of the Company will not take up arms against their Sovereign Crown or Kingdom.

Company members promise to support the Kingdom of Ansteorra in their performance, appearance, and service. Additionally, Company members pledge to strive not only to support Ansteorra as a kingdom, but to support the other company members in achieving their individual goals within the SCA.

Membership in the Company of St. Sebastian is listed as by invitation only.


(Not Registered): (Fieldless) A sheaf of five arrows inverted Or surmounted by an escroll fesswise gules.

Role in the SCA

The Company of St. Sebastian is primarily an archery-focused organization, including both combat and target archers in their ranks. In addition to acting as a combat archery war company, the Company works to promote, educate, and advance the archery community in Ansteorra in particular and the SCA at large.

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