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(After a man said that the Fox Tails gave him diabetes...) Adriana Lorelle: "I will tell you the true story of how the Fox Tails surprised and made a grown man cry, after we did a fundraiser after we found out that Robert was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. He was active duty military, and Fort Sill did not have an endocrinologist. We found out that they were driving back and forth to Oklahoma City and having to pay out of pocket, to take him to an endocrinologist. So, the Fox Tails made an announcement that at the next event, we were going to do a fundraiser. And we made about $400, and at the end of the event, they were packing up. A few of us approached them privately and handed them a leather bag. In the leather bag, was $400.00 that we just gave to them. They had contributed and bought stuff from the bake sale. We never tell anyone who or what the fundraiser is for - we've done one for Aethelstan recently. We did one for Mistress Stacia. We've done one for several different people. One year, we did a tavern at an Eldern, and it went to the Red Cross, because it was when we had all those fires in Texas and Oklahoma. Since we didn't have an immediate cause in the family unit of the SCA, we decided to donate to another non profit at that particular point. But yes, I made a grown man cry. I didn't CAUSE diabetes in Robert - we attempted to help them with getting treatment for it."

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