Casa de Morado

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Casa de Morado (House Purple) - as recalled by Talen von Marienburg, 1/29/2019

This household formed sometime in the 1980-1981 time period in the Shire of Northkeep. It was founded by the Honorable Lord Rafael Diego de Burgos and the Honorable Lady Cerelia de Lacy of Sherbourne. Members of the household included Duke Jean-Richard Malcomson, Countess Anora Frayne of Winward, Lord William de Lacy of Sherborne, Centurion Talen Gustaf von Marienburg, Centurion Treschen von Asselen, Honorable Lord Marke von Mainz, Honorable Lady Tatiana de Calais, Lord Alaric Griswold de Toledo, and Lord Roland Algernon de St. Cyr, as well as others.

Casa de Morado was known for its extensive use of Purple in its period-style encampments and heraldry, as well as Cerelia’s motto of, “It is better to look good than to feel good.” This was often preceded by a mad dash to clothe newcomers into period-style garb at a time in Ansteorra’s history that was often represented by freon-can helms and carpet armor. Cerelia worked tirelessly to cover as much mundane camp equipment and people as possible, and in as much purple as possible. Purple chair-covers, purple ice-chest covers, purple shields, purple tunics, purple tabards, purple pavilions, and purple everything.

Rafael, fascinated by heraldry and history, researched and made his own armor, surcotes and weapons, including the House Halbard. He loved teaching others, helping make armor, and he was a father-figure to many younger fighters in Northkeep at the time.

I (Talen) joined the household in 1982, and eventually moved to Mooneschadowe, where I met and married Treschen. Rafael named me the Heir to Casa de Morado, and I still have the House Halbard, Heir’s Tunic and much of the original camp equipment.

Jean-Richard and Anora married and moved to Stargate, where Jean-Richard eventually became a Knight, Count and Duke. Anora was his queen for his first reign.

Tatiana joined the household sometime later, then met and married Marke, and moved to Mooneschadowe.

Sometime in the late 1990s the household went inactive, though many of its members continued to participate in kingdom activities for a while after that.

(As a side note, over the years Cerelia, Jean-Richard, Anora, and Rafael have passed away. I have lost contact with most of the other members of the household.)