Bryn Gwlad Flameworkers Guild

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Bryn Gwlad Flameworks Guild

A local guild, celebrating all the arts related to fire and flame, which is held and attended by the local people of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad.

(Group Photo)

Meetings and Activities

  • General idea of how to attend and what generally happens years to year in and out of Covid times.


  • Websites
  • Guild Emails
  • Facebook groups
  • Discord

History and founding of the guild

  • Who founded the group, when, and why. How practices where shaped and established. How did meetings and directions change over time?

Is that name legit?

  • History of name and heraldry
  • Links


  • Current
  • Historical

Notable accomplishments

  • Performances
  • Gifting and largess
  • Competitions
  • Event attendance
  • Solars and salons