Brendan O Corraidhe

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Brendan O Corraidhe Portrait.jpg
Registered Name: Brendan O Corraidhe
Resides: Out of Kingdom
Status: Active
Joined SCA:
Order of Precedence
Ansteorra OP
Middle Kingdom OP
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Gyronny gules ermined Or, and Or, on a roundel pean a fleur-de-lis inverted Or.

The Honorable Lord Brendan O Corraidhe (Candidate for the Laurel)


  • Local Offices Held

Persona History:

10th-11th century Hiberno-Norse.


  • Bardic arts
  • leather work
  • chainmail
  • book binding
  • cooking
  • ... pretty much anything!

Timeline of Activity:

Discovered the SCA via the Texas A&M sci-fi group. In ASXX I was squired to King Denar, baronial bardic champion of Stargate and Bryn Gwlad, and Principal of the Queen's College of Bards. Within a few years I'd moved to Northshield and got to watch it grow from a region to a principality to a kingdom of its own. I moved to Cleftlands in 2004 and have been here since. I'm still active in the Society, especially in bardic arts.

Prior Groups

The Shire Shadowlands, Ansteorra
The Barony of Nordskogen, Kingdom of Northshield
(Currently residing in Cleflands, Midream)

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Prior Bardic Champion of the Barony of Stargate
  • Prior Bardic Champion of the Barony of Bryn Gwlad
  • AS XX: Principal of the Queen's College of Bards. Contributed to the formation of the Northshield Bardic College and the foundation of the Bardic madness events.

Non-Armigerous Awards & Recognitions

  • Meritorious Order of the Shire of the Shadowlands
  • Honor of the Heliotrope (Barony of Nordskogen - Arts)
  • Order of the Crwth (Principality of Northshield - Music)


Received his award of arms from Tessa of the Gardens and Simonn of Amber Isle


Mundane Information: