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The Barony of Bonwicke is located in Lubbock, Texas.


The Lubbock, Texas, chapter of the SCA began to organize in late 1981. Giles Hill contacted the Steward of the Society for information and directions on establishing a branch; he submitted a name ("Bonwicke", a Middle English construction meaning 'good town') to the Star Principal Herald. Shortly thereafter Vallust Balstene contacted the Kingdom Seneschal of Ansteorra with a similar request. Giles and Vallust were put in contact, and an organizational meeting was held in February 1982. Those in attendance included Giles, Vallust, Johanna, Boris, Rhiannon, Ian, Penny, and Sherry. It was decided that Vallust would serve as seneschal (since he was the only one that had ever attended an event), Giles would be herald, Rhiannon would be mistress of arts and sciences, and Johanna would be chronicler. Bonwicke was granted a Shire charter by Inman II and Arrowyn (??November 13, 1982). Bonwicke became a barony on January 4, 1991.

heraldic achievement for the Branch

Meetings and Events

Bonwicke's first event, the "Bonwicke Bash" was held in July 1983.


Giles' original design of the group arms was Gules, a pale indented Or. Vallust announced that he would not fight wearing a tabard with a yellow strip down the back. Giles counterchanged the arms per pale, and submitted the revised e arms. The device was registered in June of 1985: Per pale Or and gules, a pale indented counterchanged, overall a laurel wreath vert.

Western Cross of Bonwicke, Order of the
This order name was registered to Bonwicke, Barony of in June of 1993 (via Ansteorra).


The following People have sat the Baronial Thrones of Bonwicke:

Hakon de Decker and Anna Mitrofanova January 1992 - January 1997
Alaric Drake and Kayleigh Drake January 1997 - October 1998
Maximillian Muhleisen and Anastasiya Feodorovna (Vicar & Vicaress) October 1998 - May 1999
Vallust Balstene and Ascelyn Balstene May 1999 - April 2003
Kainin Tepesa and Oriana Luisa della Francesca April 2003 - April 2008
Chiang Ti Lung and Li Xiao Wuya April 2008 - February 2012
Gerold von Drachenhole and Gianetta Malatesta de Montefiore February 2012 - present


The Baronial Service Order of Bonwicke is the Order of the Western Cross.

There is a closed service order: Keepers of the Cross of Bonwicke.