Bisons Run

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The Incipient Shire of Bisons Run was in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and in the Northern Region of Ansteorra.


The branch must have been in existence in some form by September of 1992, when the branch name Heron's Keep (which was returned at Laurel a year later [1]) was submitted for it. But its first event (sponsored by Mooneschadowe) wasn't held until August of 1994 [2].

The branch name was registered in May of 1995. By July of 1996 the kingdom was ready to release it [3], indicating the branch was by that time defunct. The name release became final in February of 2005.

And Now?

The town of Bartlesville is now home to the unrelated Canton of Chemin Noir of the Barony of Northkeep.



The following People have sat the Thrones of Bison's Run:

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