Biatrichi Canzoniere

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Biatrichi Canzionari di Palermo Portrait.jpg
Photo by Steven Blakely
Registered Name: Biatrichi Canzoniere
Resides: Loch Sollier & Bjornsborg
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 1990
Order of Precedence
Biatrichi Canzoniere
Gules, a lion's jambe erased fesswise within a bordure embattled Or.

Magnifica Biatrichi Malatesta Canzionari di Palermo

Nickname: Mistress Bia
Previously Known as: Beatrix d'Angoulesme, Jane Middleton of Northumberland
Pronouns: She/Her/hers

Other Registered Heraldry

Registered Badge: (Fieldless) An olive bendwise sinister vert, slipped and leaved proper.


  • Local Offices Held
    • Prior Seneschal, College of Twr Gath (Dates unknown, prior to 1992)
    • Prior Chronicler, College of Twr Gath (Dates unknown, prior to 1992)
    • Prior Herald, College of Twr Gath (Dates unknown, prior to 1992)
    • Prior Minister of Arts & Sciences, College of Twr Gath (Dates unknown, prior to 1992)
    • Prior Rapier Marshal, Barony of Bjornsborg (1992)
    • Prior Seneschal, Barony of Bjornsborg (1993)
    • Prior Rapier Marshal, Barony of Stargate
    • Prior Minister of Arts & Sciences, Barony of Stargate
    • Prior Arts & Sciences Minister, Barony of Loch Sollier
    • Prior Chronicler, Barony of Loch Sollier
  • Regional Offices held
    • Prior Coastal Regional Seneschal (1998-1999)
    • Prior Southern Regional Minister of Arts & Sciences
    • Prior Southern Regional Chronicler
    • Prior Southern Regional Seneschal
    • Current Southern Regional Chronicler
    • Kingdom Bard for Vladislav and Margaret
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Prior Chronicler, Kingdom of Ansteorra
    • Prior Calendar Deputy, Kingdom of Ansteorra
    • Middle Eastern Arts & Sciences Deputy, Kingdom of Ansteorra
    • Webminister for MOAS 2016-2016, and 2021 to present
  • Society Offices Held

(None, Etienne said he would divorce me.)

Persona History:

(1470s Sicily, Venice and Constantinople)

Lady of the city of Palermo and Remini. Widow of Luciano Malatesta, who was lost at sea (which is not as expensive to arrange as one would expect). I assist with my family's agricultural concerns on the continent, and play music for noble courts. To that end split my time between Venice, Constantinople and Ansteorra.


"Non essiri duci sinno tu mancianu, non essiri amaru sinno ti futanu"
Sicilian. Translation: Be not sweet lest you be eaten, be not bitter lest you be cast aside.


Arts and Sciences - Music composition theory & performance, Mediterranean Culture, Poetry, Olives and Olive Oil Culture, Medieval Fiber Machines, bureaucracy, jewelry, Sicilian History and Spinning.
Other - Cut and Thrust, Rapier, Event Planning, newsletter layup

Timeline of Activity:

Started in the SCA in 1990 at the College of Twr Gath (First event: Stargate Yule, December 1990), lived several years in Bjornsborg, and Stargate. I currently live in the Barony of Loch Sollier.

Populace Provided Information:

Her Royal Majesty, Margaret ny Connor

09/09/2019: Biatrichi, I just wanted to thank you for playing in the background during Our court at Bryn Gwlad. It's very soothing, and you've mastered the art of when to let the music be heard versus when to let it fade out perfectly!

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • Titled Bard of Loch Sollier
  • Primary organizer/instigator of the Ansteorra Middle Eastern Culture Symposium
  • Lady In Waiting to the most unruly baronesses in Ansteorra, and the majestic lady of the Isle of Lyoness.
  • Member of the Order of the Laurel and perpetual officer.
  • Co-Autocrat of the Coronation of Rowan Beatrice von Kampfer and Hector Philip Martel
  • Autocrat of nearly a dozen events, including a couple of Stargate Yules, an Academy of the Rapier for Bjornsborg, and a King's College.

Wiki Mentions


  • Magnifica Biatrichi is armed with a lovely little blade named Plectrum, for fending off those who might request she play "Freebird" during court....


Mundane Information:

I have a degree in Political Science and have been a musician for almost 50 years. I have lived most of my life in Houston.
Facebook: Biatrichidi di Palermo