Balvin Thorfinnsson

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Known As: Balvin Thorfinnsson
Registered Name: Balvin Thorfinnsson
Current Group: Northkeep
Past Groups:
Joined SCA:
Current Status: Semi-Active
Last Seen:
Rank/Title: Knight of the Society
Device Registered? Yes: Or, a shakefork gules and overall three orcas conjoined in annulo sable, marked argent


Offices Held:
OP Listing: Balvin Thorfinnson

Persona History:



Timeline of Activity:

Populace Provided Information:

Owen Ap Aeddan
Mighty Northern Warrior

Master of all weapons
Divine with the greatest of swords
Giving of knowledge
Truest of hearts
When he steps on the field of battle
The eagles cry out
For they know they will feast well
The air rang with their cries on this day when he was born
A hero that heroes look up to.
Truest of knights.

Written for the occaision of Balvin's birthday.

Zubeydah Jamilla al-Badawiyyah
I hosted an online photo gallery for several years. The picture with the most 'favorite!' votes was one of Balvin stretching out, prior to combat. It was very popular with the ladies. On a less salacious note, Balvin was one of the first individuals in Northkeep who welcomed my lord and I to the SCA. At our first event, though we had only just met, he invited us to join him at the camp of Sigen and Thorgrim. It was the start of a very long friendship.

Notable Contributions / Accomplishments:


House Caer du Pard