Avery Shaw

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Registered Name: Avery Shaw
Resides: Bryn Gwlad
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 1991
Order of Precedence
Avery Shaw
Pean, a pall inverted azure fimbriated Or.

His Excellency, Master Avery Shaw


  • Local Offices Held
    • Prior Bryn Gwlad Rapier Marshal
    • Prior Gates Edge Hospitaler
  • Regional Offices held
    • Southern Regional Seneschal
    • Prior Southern Regional Rapier Marshal
    • Prior Coastal Regional Rapier Marshal
  • Kingdom Offices Held
    • Prior Kingdom Rapier Marshal
    • Prior Kingdom Cut & Thrust Marshal

General Information

Collector of stories and history
Student of Interkingdom Anthropology
Former maker of crossbows
Decent cook
May or may not cause mischief as a hobby....will neither confirm nor deny such things.

Persona History:

English, son of a Puritan. NOT one himself. Courtier at the court of the Queen of Ansteorra, but servant to several different Queens.


  • Rapier Combat
  • Cooking
  • Stories
  • History (both Mundane and SCA)
  • InterKingdom Anthropology

Timeline of Activity:

Started playing in the Barony of Golden Rivers, Cynagua, Kingdom of the West in 1991.
Moved to Ansteorra in 1993, started playing in Stargate.
Moved to Bryn Gwlad February of 1995.
Baron of Bryn Gwlad 2/2008-2/2011.

Prior Groups

Cynagua in the Kingdom of the West

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:


Mundane Information: