Mooneschadowe Autocrat Roles/Responsibilities

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Note: This page is still fairly rough. It was a copy/paste from a hash-sheet document.

Side Jobs

  • Autocrat: Hall Set Up: Chess, any weather-related changes (reset for Feast is up to the Head Server, IMO)
  • Autocrat or appointed liaison: Check with the Merry Musicians about playing for Feast; communicate the answer to all relevant parties.
  • Feast Steward: 1) setting up the staging, serving, and dining areas, 2) recruiting and leading servers

Notes for Populace

Running tally of things that seem unresolved ahead of the meeting. Think in terms of:

  • "Person A told me they're taking care of Feature B and need Supply C."
  • "Have we asked Person X about Activity Y?"
  • "I just thought of Point Z - do we have a plan?"

Demo Accommodations

  • Here are notes about the Campus Demo, held every year: Campus Demo Strategy and Tactics
  • Comps for Demo Attractees: we have until two weeks before the event to figure out the details on that
  • I’m coming down on the side of making a “how to go to our event” class mandatory before comping site for newbies, especially young college-age ones.

Before Event

These pieces are not necessarily coordinated/handled by the same people.


  • Championship Scrolls, if original – 7 adult championships scrolls; person to prepare scrolls ahead of time; person to calligraph the champions' names on the scrolls.
  • Rogation Day - so the Autocrats know what resources are available.


  • Site Flier
  • Site Schedule - pulled from website and including: Burn Ban, Parking Rules, Trash Info, Maybe a Note from the Autocrats re: locking the Admin building bathroom?, State of the grass (Mostly a wet-weather consideration)
  • Site Maps
  • Site Schedule
  • Feast Course list?
  • Website -


  • Step Down Baskets – Adult and child champions may be done separately
  • Pass-Down Prizes - Remind champions to bring them back. Check to make sure they _are_ returned at the event. Bring them to Court.
  • Site Tokens - Projects night in August

Site Work

  • Site Pre-Prep (Thursday) - Sanitation/facilities check on all buildings.
  • Site Set Up (Friday) – Shed run, pavilion set-up (including Gate), site sign set-up.

Before and During Event

Autonomic at the Event

  • Troll – Friday 4pm-midnight (2am if JP & Owen Show); Saturday 8am-2pm
  • Site Herald -
  • Site Chirurgeon –
  • Waterbearing –
  • Sanitation –
  • Night Watch -

Court Related

  • Herald - Court - (appointed by Royals)
  • Triumphe Procession Cooordinator -
  • Crown Liaison –

After Event

Site Clean-Up

  • Site Clean Up (Sunday) – Everyone-not-Mooneschadowe off site at 2 after Inseg and Newbie Tourneys are done.
  • Drive to Stillwater as a caravan, and unload immediately. Then meet for foods as the timing indicates.
  • Pack up vehicles on site - many hands and all that.
  • Freezie pops are a WIN during take-down. If you can, get a non-Autocrat to arrange that.

Post-Event Dinner

  • The last people on site determine where we go for food. New China is a good option (buffet with good range, decent price, fantastic seating space)
  • Schedule dinner for 3-ish hours past "this moment" (ie the moment when we're 'soo close' to being done)(often 6-7pm-ish) to give people a chance to change clothes in town AFTER unloading the group property into the shed. The Autocrats should definitely be in that loop!
  • Post to the Mooneschadowe list AND HailMog Facebook group - it's the friendly thing to do, for people who had to leave site ahead of the finalization of the plan.


  • Reeve Report - Includes receipts (more pieces total from the Kitchen than from site, historically), due 30 days after event. Our site fee is attendance-based, so the initial count has to happen on site (preferably Saturday before feast) anyway (not to mention, it's in the Treasurer rules).