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Return to [[Steppes]]
Return to [[the Steppes]]

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Date Name
2-Apr-1988 Da\'ud ibn Auda
22-Apr-1989 Catherine de Leon
3-Nov-1990 Suzanna the Herbalist
10-Aug-1991 Lasair ni Fhionnualann
9-Jan-1993 Cairenn of Cu Ruadh Keep
24-Jul-1993 Saqra al-Kudsi
17-Sep-1994 Serena Lascelles
11-Nov-1995 Branwyn O\'Brallaghan
27-Jul-1996 Muriel FitzLloyd
23-Aug-1997 Fritz der Rothirsch
8-Aug-1998 Corwin Magone
7-Aug-1999 Lodovico Benvoglio
5-Aug-2000 Gala Cunningham
11-Aug-2001 Isobel Grace Hadleigh
24-Aug-2002 Juliana Vertue
2-Aug-2003 Erasmus von Eisenwald über Tauberbischofsheim
14-Aug-2004 Rosalia di Bellavita
13-Aug-2005 Ameline du Bois
26-Aug-2006 Stella Silvana
28-Jul-2007 Isabeau Quiquandon
16-Aug-2008 Rhiannon ferch Cian

Return to the Steppes