Ansteorra Middle War A.S, XVI

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  • Ansteorra Middle War
  • June 1981
  • Held at Lake Oolagah in NE Oklahoma
  • Held by the incipient Shire of Nordliche Sturm (Northkeep)
  • Nicknamed the Chigger War

Here are two Accounts

First is a personal account of the Ansteorra Middle War held in June 1981 by Lady Jehana Wyverna, who was the Historian of Stargate in the early 1980s. This is used with permission and reproduced exactly as she wrote it, including any errors. Please do not alter her words, but feel free to add your comments below hers.

Second is a link to an account of this war from the History of the [Barony of Vatavia] in Calontier.


NOTES FROM THE WAR (ANSTEORRA vs THE MIDDLE KINGDOM) from the viewpoint of a non-fighter

Our group rolled into the Will Rogers Homestead Park fairly late Friday night with the intention of finding the Stargate encampment. Things were somewhat difficult, even at 2 am. We accosted two unknown lords concerning the location of said camp and they replied that Ansteorrans were everywhere, everywhere. In answer to our query, Duchess Willow could not help us either, having just arrived herself. Lord Willian Blackfox, Autocrat to this awe-inspiring event, came up to welcome us to the wargrounds. He confirmed that groups were confused---people more or less everywhere. We randomly selected a place and come morning discovered the Seneschal Stargate’s encampment across the ditch. I relate this personal experience as somewhat typical of my impressions of my first war --- confused.

The next morning the warriors inspected, milled, discussed and eventually sorted into armored contingents. Ansteorrans outnumbered Middlers by about three to one. Royalty (from both Ansteorra and the Middle Kingdom) addressed the troops. Her Royal Majesty Sieglinde was ready with her jug of liquid refreshment for battle-weary and thirsty warriors. The armies marched off across the road to the open field where the first engagement was to take place. The Stargate Contingent marched to battle chanting “STAR-R-R-GATE, STAR-R-R-GATE, WE DON’T TRAVEL.” Afterwards, many complaints were voiced that we didn’t get a chance to fight much. One look at the discipline of our troops and the foe would run away, away from the scarlet tabards, anywhere, even into the clutches of other groups Ansteorran. The Bjornsburg contingent expressed gratitude for the fine job of herding. This engagement was an unqualified success for troops Ansteorran.

The second engagement was the “bridge fight”. The road had been staked off as a bridge with environs. The warriors lined up. The attack began. Then cries of “hold” rang through the air. The crowd watched confused. The fighters watched confused. Eventually the fight resumed. Afterwards the word was that the Royal leaders had a difference of Royal opinion. This was somewhat resolved but H.R.M Sigmund declared that bridge fight the last “official” engagement of the war. It was considered at best a draw, at worst that we were bested. At this point, personal challenges and small group fights took place.

The camp site was a lovely locale. Woods---grassy areas. Lake Oolagah within a short walk. Fortunately, the sky was over-cast throughout most of the weekend. There was a raging wind cooling the brows of the most battle-frenzied warrior. There were few mosquitos. The valiant “chigger” was much in evidence and both warrior and watcher left the area much scarred by this undefeatable opponent. The chirurgeon Stargate was a very busy individual, but mostly tending to sunburn, insect bites, heat prostration and the like.

As best I can determine the Barony was represented by the following warriors: (if you should be included and aren’t, the historian would like to be corrected) H.R.M. Sigmund the Wingfooted, Sir William of Weir, Sir Robert Helmenstahl, Sir John the Plain of Shearne, Squire Alaric d’Falkyn, Squire Panseldror of the Blue Glacier, Squire Launce of the Rose, Squire Vlad Ravna Starkraven, Squire Jeff Weakarm, Squire Sean de Carew, Lord Leif Wadeson, Lord Morgor the Wise of Acre, Don David Gallowglass, Laven, Brad the Berserker, and Sean of Foxworthkeep.

After fighting in the afternoon, folks were given time to eat. Court began at dusk. The brass lined one side of the circle, the populace the other. Nobility included T.R.M. Sigmund and Sieglinde, T.R.M. Hugo and Katlin, Duke Jonothan de Lauffyson and Duchess Willow de Wisp, Hrabia Jan and Jarlinde Kemreth, Count Sir Ton the Traveler and Countess Elizabeth, Baron Sir Simonn and Baroness Mistress Tessa, Baron Bjorn, Baroness Aurelianne and Viscountess Megan.

T.R.M. Ansteorran presented a vase to R.R.M. Middle Realm. Honors presented at counrt included the following: Awards of Arms to Brad the Berserker, Harold Aurolson Olafson, Katherine Marie Yvonne Jette, Eric Thorgenson, Stasion Marie Travara, Mark de Provence and Roselynde d’Engleterre. Sufa van Han was presented a Sable Thistle for her armoring abilities. Sismonde van Yenza, squire Sir Finn Kelly, was presented a Sable Thistle for armoring and weapons. Bryan Dragonsword received a Sable Thistle for armoring. Lord William Blackfox was awarded a Star of Merit along with a grant of arms. Sir John the Plain accepted Jeff Weakarm as his squire. Sir Robert Helmenstahl accepted Launce of the Rose as his squire. A delegation from the incipient shire of Nordliche Sturm petitioned the throne to be elevated to full shire status. His Majesty promised to take the matter under advisement.

The Court of the Mid Realm followed. Many awards and presentations were made. The Baron and Baroness of Batavia were installed. After court closed H.R.M. Sieglinde honored those present with her excellent performance of the song, “Lagen Love”. This was followed by the presentation of Pyramus and Thisbe by a troupe from Nordliche Sturm. The populace disbanded and your erstwhile chronicler betook herself to her erstwhile bed and retired for the night. I understand that the revelry extended FAR into the night and that the singing and merrymaking at the encampment Bjornsburg was exquisite. But this is all hearsay and rumor.

Closing court was held the next morning. Squire Ricardo de Pisa was knighted. The Belting ceremony was concluded by the presentation of the scroll of knighthood calligraphed and illuminated by Hrabia Jan and Jarlinde Kemreth for Sir Ricardo. Several knights were heard to mention how the belting ceremony refreshed their own vows. Master Rivar Moondragon welcomed Rudolph van Tanman into the fellowship of the Queen’s Champions. The welcomed her new defender. Court closed.

So ends the Chronicle of the War between Ansteorra and the Middle kingdom by Jehana Wyverna, Historian to the Barony of the Stargate.

Some comments from Tivar (not "Rivar") Moondragon:

My favorite memory from that war was while marshalling one of the field battles. We'd pretty well massacred the Midrealm forces, and during the final mop-up Duke Jonathan was chasing down one of the Midrealm fighters. The Midrealmer ran over and tried to hide behind me. I ducked, Jonathan killed him, and went looking for more targets.

One correction: Rudolph von Tarmenheim was one of the few rapier fighters in that part of Ansteorra in those days. He had not been at Queen's Champion, but still wanted to swear the Legion of Swashbucklers oath. That's what was going on; he wasn't being made Queen's Champion.

A Calontier Prespective

Here is a discussion of the [Chiggar War] from the [Barony of Vatavia's] history page.