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heraldic achievement for the Shire of An Loch

The Shire of An Loch was located in Borger, Texas. It was in the Western Region of Ansteorra until that region was eliminated in January of 2008 [1], then became part of the Northern Region.


The first event held by the branch had a pirate theme. It was called The Lost Treasure of Am Loch, and was held May 13th through 15th, 2005, at the Old Mobeetie Campground in Mobeetie, Texas. [2] Am Loch was a frequent misspelling of the name of the shire.

All activity in the shire was suspended in January of 2008 [3], and it was officially dissolved some time thereafter.

And Now?

Some years previous to the establishment of the Shire of An Loch, the town of Borger had been the seat of the unrelated Shire of Turris Aquilae. No chapter is currently active there.


The name and arms of the Shire of An Loch remain registered to the Kingdom of Ansteorra. Inquiries regarding permission to conflict with either should be directed to Star Principal Herald.


The following People have sat the Throne of Defunct Chapter:

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