84th Crown

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84th Crown

Coronation, September 25, 2021.
Photo by Marjorie Heron
Sovereign: King Floki Gierrekkson
Consort: Queen Elizabeth Caton
Crown Tournament: 2021/07/10 in Elfsea
Coronation: 2021/09/25 in Rosenfeld
Stepped Down: 2022/07/09 in Steppes
Predecessors: Jason Drysdale III & Margherita de Mantua III
Heirs: Creppin l'Ostriche II & Toryn Sevenstitches II

Reign Overview

Royal Whims or Declarations

  • Read into law in court on September 18, 2021: 2021 September 18 Law Changes
  • Read into law in court on September 25, 2021:
    • We, Floki & Elizabeth, suspend Article V, Section 2, Subsection E. of Kingdom law for the duration of Our Reign or until there are no Covid restrictions in Ansteorra, whichever comes first.
    • We, Floki & Elizabeth, Crown of Ansteorra, do herby issue an order of Exile from the Realm for Galen of Bristol, known as Paul Mitchell mundanely. This ruling precludes this individual from attendance or participation in any manner at any SCA activity within the Kingdom of Ansteorra whether it be an event, practice, or official gathering, for any reason, at any time for the duration of the current Reign. This includes a ban on participation in officially recognized Kingdom social media sites, officially recognized Kingdom email lists, and officially recognized Kingdom webpages.
    • After consultation with the Order of the Arc d'Or, Their Majesties Floki & Elizabeth will be changing the name of "Royal Huntsman" to "Royal Hunter." This is in an effort to be more inclusive and use a gender neutral term which could apply to any who hold the title. (October 26, 2021)

January 4, 2022

Greetings Ansteorra,
This Dream we all share is an amazing part of all of our lives. Many people dedicate time and energy to the SCA. The SCA is truly a wonderful hobby. Hobbies, however, are optional things we do for fun. Safety should not be unreasonably risked for our hobbies. With that in mind, we cannot, in good conscience, ask people to put their health at risk for this hobby.
Due to the increased spread of the coronavirus, Ansteorra will suspend all in-person activities until January 16, 2022. We hope by that time the post-holiday spike will have eased. We will reassess at that time. This includes local practices, meetings, guilds, and demos.
Unfortunately, this means that Crown Tournament is postponed until further notice. We thank Raven's Fort for their efforts with this event and hope to return to the Sable Winged lands in the near future.
Floki, King
Elizabeth, Queen
Brian, Outgoing Seneschal
Myfanwy, Incoming Seneschal

January 15, 2022

Greetings Ansteorra,
In evaluating the spread of cases throughout Ansteorra and the increased number of occupied hospital beds, we feel that we cannot put the health and safety of our populace in jeopardy. Therefore, we will continue the suspension of all in-person activities until February 1, 2022. We will re-assess at that time.
As we know that this is becoming a financial hardship to groups and individuals, we have a new financial policy in place. Any event that is canceled due to COVID-19 concerns by either the Kingdom or the local branch will allow for those who pre-paid through PayPal to request a refund for the full amount of the gate fee. The Kingdom will reimburse all groups the PayPal fee that they incur from using this service. We hope that this will lessen the financial burden for all. We hope that we will be able to return to in-person activities quickly once the number of cases has begun to go down. We look forward to visiting with our Ansteorra family soon.
Floki, King
Elizabeth, Queen
Myfanwy, Incoming Seneschal
Brian, Outgoing Seneschal
Adalia, Kingdom Exchequer

January 30, 2022

Greetings Ansteorra, We are continuously evaluating the number of cases and occupied hospital beds. The good news is that the number of cases has started declining. Unfortunately the numbers are still very high. We know that the drop off can be quick so we are going to evaluate the numbers week by week. Therefore, we will continue the suspension of all in person activities until February 8, 2022 and re-evaluate next week. We are really hoping that the cases will be low enough that Kingdom A&S will be able occur.

Floki, King
Elizabeth, Queen
Myfanwy, Seneschal

March 30, 2022

Greetings Ansteorra!
We are happy to see that the number of COVID cases across Ansteorra has decreased greatly. In addition, there have been no reports of spread of the illness from Gulf War.
With these considerations, we are removing all Ansteorra COVID safety protocols. Effective immediately:
1. Masks will no longer be required indoors or outdoors.
2. All feast limitations are removed.
3. All limitations on Children’s Activities are removed.
4. The the COVIDSafe policy in Oklahoma (checking of vaccinations/negative test) will no longer be implemented.
Remember, although masks are no longer mandated, please respect all who continue to wear masks at events. In addition, respect any request for social distancing. There are still many who have very serious health concerns. We will not take it lightly if we hear of any incidents of people being bullied for using these measures for personal safety.
We will continue to monitor and implement safety protocols if the case numbers climb back up. Please continue to practice food safety and handling guidelines when it comes to feast and fighter support. For all food and drink arts and science entries, please see the Minister of A&S webpage for guidelines. https://ansteorra.org/artsandsciences/food-entry-rules-and-guidelines
Thank you all very much for continuing to make Ansteorra better during these troubling times.
Floki, King
Elizabeth, Queen
Myfanwy, Seneschal

Staff Members




Peers Elevated

Name Date Peerage
Wulfgard Martel December 11, 2021 Knight
Eadwulf Terricson Gulf Wars XXX Knight
Jeanne Marie la Verriere April 2, 2022 Laurel
Bjorn hestr Hauksson April 2, 2022 Knight
Diego Fortuna de Almerìa May 7, 2022 Master of Defense

Special Recognitions


Brian O'hUilliam

Gauntlets & Gloves

King's Gauntlet

Queen's Glove

Progress While Prince & Princess

Progress While Crown

- September 25, 2021: Coronation hosted by the Shire of Rosenfeld.
- October 23, 2021: Namron Protectorate - King / Coastal Grand Baronial - Queen. Pelican Circle.
- October 29, 2021: Eldern Hills Samhain and Baronial Investiture and Royal Hunter.
- November 13, 2021: Queen's Champion, hosted by the Barony of the Steppes. MOD Circle.
- December 4, 2021: Loch Soilleir Yule and Stargate Investiture.
- December 11, 2021: Vindheim Premier Cournet Tourney.
- January 14, 2022: Winter Round Table (Virtual Event).
- February 5, 2022: Northkeep wInterkingdom - Virtual Event. [Court]
- February 12, 2022: Kingdom Arts & Sciences
- March 12, 2022: Gulf Wars
- April 5, 2022: Elfsea Defender. Pelican Circle. Masters of Defense Circle. White Scarf Circle.
- April 8, 2022: Crown Tournament (Bjornsborg)
- April 15, 2022: Squires, Cadets & Arcarius
- April 22, 2022: Glaslyn's Defender of the Flame
- May 27, 2022: Steppes Warlord
- June 11, 2022: King's College
- June 18, 2022: Vindheim Summer Coronet
- July 9, 2022: Coronation

The Words of the Crown

October 2021 Black Star

Greetings, Ansteorra: The last few months have been hectic as we all have been preparing for in-person events again. We would like to extend our love and gratitude for everyone's support; it truly means the world to us. During this pandemic, be sure to be safe and stay flexible as we try to get back to the SCA we all enjoy. Elizabeth, Queen, Floki, King

November 2021 Black Star

Unto All in These Stellar Lands of Ansteorra, We, Floki and Elizabeth, King and Queen of Ansteorra and the Incipient Principality of Vindheim do send greetings. We are extremely thankful to our predecessors, Jason III and Margherita III, for guiding this Kingdom through the challenges we’ve endured in recent times. Our hope is to chart a course towards a stronger future, building upon the mighty efforts of the past. Our reign began in the Shire of Rosenfeld and Coronation was a wonderful return to camping with our fair Kingdom. We are grateful for all of the hard work and love that was put into the event. On the 30th anniversary of Rosenfeld, we were shown many of the things that make this Kingdom great. Our hearts are lighten by what we witnessed. Friendships reinvigorated. Companionship after a long absence. The thrill of battle. We look forward to what the future brings in Ansteorra and hope to see many of you at future events.
Floki, King and Elizabeth, Queen

Namron Protectorate

The Event That Almost Wasn't. Thank you to their Excellencies Micolay and Uliana for being so accommodating and welcoming; and to Sigridr in Kyrra for putting on an outstanding event. I, of course, always love being around everyone again (including Baklava (Jason Drysdale)) in our return to the dream... the Prince and Princess Royal, however, absolutely had a blast. They thoroughly enjoyed all of the classes. Outstanding combat all day long in the beautiful weather, too! Concurrent heavy and rapier tourneys ensured no one was bored, with plenty of pickups afterwards, too. Thank you Valkyries for your enthusiasm in all we do. In evening court, I called up Jarl Timo to gift him a carved sigil of the combined devices of myself and Her Majesty. Timo (as always) strives to be THE embodiment of chivalry; including faith and honor to the King through wise counsel throughout the day, and largess to the Prince Royal, presenting my son a small metal raven's skull so that he may adorn his chain... and further explained to my son the significance of an unadorned chain. As soon as we got home, he told me that I now have to make him his own chain for the adornment, and so that he can stop taking my chains. - Floki

Eldern Hills Samhain

A celebration and divestiture of Baron Gassion and Baroness Delesse and their tireless efforts throughout their tenure. It was evident this weekend that Eldern Hills has been in good hands, as I'm sure it will continue to be with the investiture of Baron Daniel and Baroness Fionn. Did that sword make it home safely? Royal Hunter! Congratulations to Her Grace Margherita de Mantua. Royal Hunter was a well-attended competition of some very talented Ansteorrans. From thrown weapons to crossbows, longbows to atlatlatlatls; there was an abundance of skill all around. If I have not mentioned or tagged anyone, it is NOT out of neglect, but rather brevity. As always, in service to the dream, Floki.

April 2022 Black Star

Greetings Ansteorra!
With the last round of plague behind us, we are so excited for everything to be opening back up again! We were overjoyed to see everyone at the last few events. This latest opening was ushered in with Kingdom A&S. The event was a wonderful day with the best artisans of our kingdom showing off their works of art from the last year.
From there we split. His Majesty traveled to Bjornsborg and got the privilege of ushering a new Baron and Baroness. Many thanks to Master Cynric and Mistress Seraphina for all the hard work they have done to lead our lands through these trying times. Also, congratulations and thanks to Master Ivarr and Baroness Christiana on taking up the mantle of Baron and Baroness of Bjornsborg. Her majesty in the meantime traveled to the frigid north for a day of good-hearted war games. While the fighting was fierce, there were smiles on all faces at the end of the day.
Well-deserved congratulations to Mistress Brenna and Mistress Margarita, newest members of the Order of the Pelican. We were overjoyed to see you both achieve recognition for all your hard work.
With plans underway to reschedule Crown Tournament, we are hopeful to have heirs come April. In the meantime, we look forward to seeing everyone at Gulf Wars! We are all looking forward to seeing friends and camping under the stars again.
Floki and Elizabeth
King and Queen of Ansteorra

May 2022 Black Star

Greetings! Gulf Wars 30: The War That We All Needed
If you were unable to attend, or if you were there but couldn't be everywhere, then know that Ansteorra showed up in force. From rapier and archery to heavy combat and A&S competitions (Mistress Gwyneth received a PERFECT SCORE for her A&S entry), we couldn't be prouder of everyone's contributions to this war. We were extremely successful in the Champions Battle going almost undefeated across both disciplines. This was such an amazing event, and it was made possible by the dozens of volunteers from all over. Personally, we wouldn't have been on time, or where we needed to be without the guidance of Countess Toryn, our Head of Entourage. She sacrificed many hours of her personal time to "Royal-wrangling"(tm).
A special thanks to Margery, Magnus, Halldora, and 1 other younger gentleman whose name is slipping my mind; thank you for walking around with the King after the bad storm. We went through all of our Kingdom area driving stakes, tightening ropes, fixing tents before most of the populace were even awake. We tried to be sneaky and take care of everyone without them waking up. And that wasn't enough; then we continued throughout the ENTIRE Gulf Wars site checking up on every encampment we could find, offering assistance where we could, including picking up trash from the main battlefield and near other kingdom pavilions. Many "Thanks!" were shared that day.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming events, to include the 85th Crown Tournament. (We'll finally get heirs!)
Floki and Elizabeth
King and Queen of Ansteorra

June 2022 Black Star

Greetings to our beloved Kingdom, We have heirs! Congratulations to Prince Creppin II and Princess Toryn II. The populace of Ansteorra are doing amazing things and making us all proud. We look forward to seeing everyone at the end of May in the Barony of the Steppes for a fun-filled weekend at Warlord. -Floki and Elizabeth -King and Queen, Ansteorra

July 2022 Black Star

Our beloved Kingdom, greetings, As summer heats up, so does the event schedule. There are many great things happening in the next few months, to include Coronet tourney, Coronation of Creppin and Toryn, War of Ages, and Queen's Champion just to name a few. Take care of each other and let's have some fun. -Floki and Elizabeth -King and Queen, Ansteorra

The Words of the Populace

Reign Notes


  • Coronation: Their Majesty's garb was designed by Her Majesty and is based on artwork from The Wheel of Time. The dress and coat were silk. Her Majesty made her ensemble and His Majesty's coat was made by Countess Toryn Sevenstitches, with embellishment by Her Majesty and her team of assistants.


Reign Photos