82nd Crown

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81st_Crown (King Sven Randullsson III & Queen Cristyana Lambrecht I) 83rd_Crown

Crown Info:



*Crown Tournament: July 13, 2019 at Steppes

*Coronation: October 12, 2019 at Glaslyn

*Stepped down: at tbd

*Predecessors: Vladislav Strelec & Margaret ny Connor


*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.


Queen's Champion:


King's Champion:

Queen's Blade of Honor:

Royal Lancer:

King's Blade of Chivalry:

Royal Huntsman: John Buchanan

Guardian of the Queen's Hope:

Middle Eastern Dance Champion:

Kingdom Artisan:

Royal Blade: John Drake

Guardian of the King's Dream:

King's Gauntlet

Queen's Gloves

Progress while Prince and Princess:

  • Roundtable - - *
  • Ansteorra 40th Year

Intended Royal Progress:

  • October 18: Bjornsborg Valkyrfelt II - Queen
  • October 25: Seawinds Defender - Queen
  • November 1: Axeman XV - Queen
  • November 8: Fall Queen's Champion - Crown
  • November 15: Bonwicke Fall Champion - Queen
  • November 21: War of the Rams, Bordermarch - Crown
  • December 7: Stargate Yule - Queen
  • January 10: Winter Crown Tournament - Crown
  • January 18: Winter Round Table - Crown
  • March: Gulf Wars



Reign Notes:

King's Champion Format

Per His Highness Sven's announcement on September 26, 2019, the format of his King's Champion is as follows: "Bear Pits consisting of 30 minutes of single sword, then 30 minutes of two weapon, and then 30 minutes of sword and shield. A point will be awarded for each win, you may win up to 5 times in a row before relinquishing the field. Double kills are not re-fought. At the end of the three bear pits, the top eight competitors will enter a standard best two out of three single elimination tourney. The winner of this tourney will be my Kings Champion. If you do not wish to be Kings Champion, you can bow out of the top eight selection process. I would encourage all to test the mettle of those who would vie for it. I would like my champion to be able to attend at least two events a month and Gulf Wars."

Reign Photos