81st Crown

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80th_Crown Vladislav Strelec & Margaret ny Connor 82nd_Crown
Coronation of Vladislav and Margaret.jpg

Crown Info:

*King: Vladislav Strelec - OP

*Queen: Margaret ny Connor - OP

*Crown Tournament: January 12, 2019 at Northkeep. Autocrats: Geoffrey de Gournay and Adalia VonderBerg

*Coronation: April 13, 2019 at Isenholt

*Stepped down: October 12, 2019 at Glaslyn

*Predecessors: Miguel Sebastian de Oporto III & Conal Alexandria O'Riordain III

*Heirs: Sven Randullsson III & Cristyana Lambrecht I

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Phelim Gervase

Queen's Champion: John Drake

Bard: Biatrichi Canzionari di Palermo

King's Champion: Andrew Turnbull

Queen's Blade of Honor: Avery Shaw

Royal Lancer:

King's Blade of Chivalry: Amra Shieldsplitter

Royal Huntsman: Margherita de Mantua

Guardian of the Queen's Hope: - Senior: Aila Stephensdottir, Junior: Maria of the Steppes

Middle Eastern Dance Champion:

Kingdom Artisan:

Royal Blade: Miguel Sebastian de Oporto

Guardian of the King's Dream:Henry ap Owen

King's Gauntlet
Notes: King's Gauntlets made by Anastasiia Dmitrieva Sokolova.

Queen's Gloves by Livia da Nicolosi

Queen's Gloves

01-12-2019 photo by Zubeydah

Progress while Prince and Princess:

  • Roundtable - 01/13/2019 - Eldern Hills
  • (Prince) Provincial Games - 2/2/2019 - Mooneschadowe
  • (Princess) Candlemas - 2/2/2019 - Bryn Gwlad
  • Kingdom A&S - 2/9/2019 - Ffynnon Gath
  • (Princess) B.A.D. Blank Academy of Defense - 3/1/2019 - Bjornsborg
  • Gulf Wars - 3/9 - 3/16
  • (Prince) Commanders Cruicible - 3/30/2019 - Hellsgate
  • (Princess) Elfsea Defender - 4/06/2019 - Elfsea

Royal Progress:

Trivia: At His Royal Majesty's Coronation, he was presented with a fine young camel by Hatiz Mufida.

  • Loch Soilleir and Stargate Co-Baronial - 04/19/19: Her Majesty writes, "Greetings Ansteorra! I wanted to tell everyone what a great time we had this weekend at Stargate and Loch Soillier Co-Baronial! We got to do *all* the things! Target archery, axe throwing, horse archery, some fiber work, watching rapier and chivalric tourneys, eating a fabulous feast, and spending the day with some of the friendliest people ever! There are just too many people who made the event wonderful to mention them all, but special thanks to Their Excellencies Brenna, Sarra, Hennessey, and Krag for their warm hospitality (and gorgeous weather), and Their Graces Ulsted and Ebergardis for a tasty (and documented!) feast."
  • White Scarf Ruby Anniversary - 05/03/19 (Queen): Her Majesty writes, "Home safe from a spectacular White Scarf Ruby Anniversary event! I truly can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed a tournament (actually a series of tournaments) more than this weekend! All the fighters were obviously having fun, and it showed in the grace and prowess shown upon the lyst fields. The weather was beautiful (especially considering the storms the night before), and once again the Baronies of Loch Soillier and Stargate threw a great event! Many thanks to the archers who indulged me for a bit and loaned me a bow, arrows, glove and vambrace. I very much appreciate your encouragement! Thanks to the Baronies and Their Excellencies of Stargate and Loch Soillier for their hospitality and for organizing such a wonderful event. Thanks to the rapier community who came together to celebrate 40 years of accomplishment. Thanks to Countess Tessa of the Gardens for being inspired by and then inspiring all that followed. And thanks to the Order of the White Scarf who have been, are, and will ever be the bulwark upon which the Queens of Ansteorra can place their honor, their love and their trust!"
  • Namron Beltane - 05/03/19 (King) His Majesty writes, "The festival of Beltane was a wonderful time! It was the best event that I could imagine to go “solo” as the only Royal on site. Their Excellencies of Namron and the event staff were most gracious hosts. The event was very stress free and relaxed which set the mood for everyone to have such a grand time. I got to walk around with my Lady Wife and the Imperial Princess just talking with newcomers and members of the populace alike. There was a little bit of everything going on during the event that no one was idle for long, other than to catch their breath. As the day grew long the evenings Court was drawing close. Their Excellencies of Namron had their Baronial Court and following theirs Our Herald called for newcomers. And here they came, and kept coming, and kept coming… it was AWESOME! I almost ran out of newcomer tokens! The rest of court was just as great. I had the privilege of recognizing a LOT of amazing people for doing the things they are passionate about doing. I was also lucky enough to be the one that performed the Knighting Ceremony for Daniel Schade. It was my honor to welcome him into the Chivalry. After Court the merriment continued. There were refreshments, drumming, bardic circles, some more drumming and maybe even some more refreshments! It was an event that was pure joy and recalling it always makes me smile."
  • Queen's Champion - 05/11/19: Masters of Defense and White Scarf circles. 51 entrants into the Queen's Champion lyst, and John Drake prevailed. The Queen's Blade of Honor is given to Avery Shaw. Her Majesty writes, "Home safe. Heart full. So very happy. I've tried four different drafts to explain how I feel about my Queen's Champion event yesterday, but I can't find words that are adequate. So, these will have to do for now. It was everything I could have hoped it would be. And I will steal shamelessly from something Meredith Anne said on another posting: The heart of a Queen has room for more than one champion, even if the dais doesn’t."
  • Northkeep Castellan - 05/17/19 (King): His Majesty writes, "What a glorious Castellan! Thank you again to Their Excellencies, the event and feast stewards and crews, and the populace that attended! It was a day of joy and merriment! Even after the long day, and the evening festivities, I awoke this morning full of excitement and recharged with all the smiles and positive energy."
  • Steppes Warlord - 05/24/19: Arc D'Or, Centurions, and Chivalric circles: His Majesty writes, "Steppes Warlord was my birthday weekend. I could not have imagined a better way to spend my birthday! I was with my lovely wife, Lady Kearra, the Imperial Princess, my chosen family and surrounded by the best populace in the Known World! The weather diviner was spot-on with their prediction of a warm, but not smoldering hot, weekend. Everything was just spot on perfect for the weekend. We hosted Our Royal Blade and Royal Hunstman tournaments, the Warlord Tournament was full of honor and chivalry, the Bardic Championship was one of the best that I have had the honor of attending. And there was a “Happy Birthday” hafla where I drummed until the wee hours of the morning with some very talented drummers for some very talented dancers. Their Oaken Excellencies and event staff ran a top notch operation of efficiency. Memories and friendships made. What more could one ask for?"
  • Known World Dance - 06/14/19 (Queen): Her Majesty writes, "Home safe from KWDMS! I really enjoyed learning some dances I've never tried before and getting (a little) more familiar with an old favorite or two. I hope those who came from afar to sample Ansteorran hospitality had as much fun as we did! Congratulations to Mistress Myfanwy and her hard-working staff for putting on an impressive Known World event!" / His Majesty recollects, "Some of THE BEST singers, dancers, teachers, drummers, and musicians could be found at KWDMS. The classes and performances were beyond impressive. I learned things that I didn’t even know that I wanted to learn! Her Majesty got to focus on some European dancing while I scurried off to the drumming classes to learn what I could. We had a very short court because, well, people were there to dance and play music not attend court so that is what we did. We just had to recognize those awesome people for the awesome things they do by just being themselves. At the end of court I was asked to start off the ball by leading the first dance. Luckily Mistress Myfanwy was gracious enough to lead with me (read: lead me). I was introduced to many more dances that I did not know and danced happily to those that I did know. And then, there was the hafla. I have been to many a hafla in my time in the SCA but there has never been one to rival the skill of the musicians and dancers than this. "
  • Bonwicke Artisan / King's College - 06/22/19: Her Majesty writes, "What a fun event at Bonwicke Artisan and King's College! I'm not sure how they managed to mix high energy with laid back, a day full of interesting classes with time to just hang out and chat, but the Barony of Bonwicke somehow managed! Many thanks to Their Excellencies and all the wonderful folk of Bonwicke, as well as all who traveled West to participate and enjoy. If you didn't attend, you missed a good time!" His Majesty adds, "We had the honor of Bonwicke hosting Our King’s College along with their Bonwicke Artisan event. And I tell you, travelling more in this great Kingdom has been one of the most amazing things about being Crown. I have met so many great people and have gotten to know better some that I barely knew. We have been missing out! No matter where you go in Ansteorra, we have some of the most inviting, friendly, and helpful folks you could find! The classes were great, the people were great, and the event was great, EVEN the cornhole tournament going on downstairs was great! We watched them with as much curiosity and intrigue as they did with us. Her Majesty and I, along with Their Excellencies of Bonwicke, had one of the most fun courts (in my opinion, anyways) that I have ever witnessed. I hope that everyone had as much fun as we did! There were dragons, unicorns, camels, candy and some more candy. It was such an amazing event that definitely gave Our batteries the recharge they needed."
  • Steppes Artisan - 06/26/19: Her Majesty writes, "Home safe from a fantastic Steppes Artisan. Congratulations to Aelfwyn Webbestre on becoming the newest Steppes Artisan with your top-notch body of work! We have confidence that you will serve Their Excellencies well in the coming year! I got to enjoy a lovely sunset on the drive home; the storms that swept through left a glowing red and orange legacy. Thanks so much to the Barony of the Steppes for a lovely day!" (OP)
  • Crown Tournament - 07/12/19 - Chivalric Circle. His Majesty writes, "Oh, Thank God, we have HEIRS!!" (OP)
  • Summer Round Table - 07/20/19. His Majesty notes, "Other than a strange invasion by an Outlander, Round Table went smoothly as we conducted the Kingdom business."
  • Pennsic War - 07/27 - 08/11. His Majesy writes, "Hello Ansteorra! Sultan Vladislav here sending word fame from Pennsic! Ansteorran chili night was a resounding success! Lady Jayne Cobb did an exceptional job on coordinating an amazing team that just made it all look so easy. We had a great time hosting the Known World and everyone had such a great time. Thank you from Her Majesty, myself, and all the populace that was in attendance. We are so blessed to have such amazing people that have a servant's heart. And on another note, Lady Emma de Davyntre and her crew did a fantastic job setting up and providing food for the Ansteorran Rapier tournament. Once again it was the envy of all rapier tournaments! Your efforts are so greatly appreciated and we can't thank you enough for the services you provided! Ladies, could you please call out those that helped? We appreciate you all so very much! From Her Majesty Margaret and Sultan Vladislav Shah."

His Majesty writes further: "I have always been told that you need to go to Pennsic at least once in your lifetime. Her Majesty Margaret was once a Queen of the East (one of the Principles of Pennsic) and I told her that I would do my best to make her a Queen for Pennsic. I was fortunate enough to do so. I was also fortunate enough to experience my first Pennsic as King of Ansteorra. I was even MORE fortunate to share my first Pennsic experience with a mass of Ansteorrans who answered my call to travel to the far off lands and fight with Her Majesty’s friends in the East Kingdom, many of whom it was their first Pennsic as well.

The weather was mild (from what I was told) and the weather tried to hold. But the sky grew dark and the clouds were swollen with life-giving rain. It did not rain long, but the amount of water that fell was intense. Some tents gave way, some filled with water, and some became bogs with tarpaulin and mats getting lost in the mud. Our belongings were weighed down with the rain, but our spirits remained high.

One of the experiences that I was told I could not miss was “the Bog” -an area of Pennsic where parties and partiers stretched as far as the eye could see and the ears could hear. It was definitely an experience that I will remember. When I was asked to remove my Crown and hide my Knight’s chain to enter in to a party (it was a “low-brow” themed event, so I was not offended) I realized that “the Bog” might not be my venue for the war, as I was not about to take off 2 of the things that I had worked so hard to obtain. My party and I continued to wander the roads until we found our way back to Ansteorran encampment. There, that pavilion, is where so much fun was had. So many memories were made for me, and I hope for others as well. The hospitality of Our Great Kingdom all throughout the war was such that made my chest swell with pride. But the absolute gem was Ansteorran Chili Night where we fed as many Pennsic attendees as we could. Lady Jane and her crew did such an amazing job with the chili and service. There were big smiles and full bellies all throughout our encampment and the whole of Pennsic.

Before Pennsic I was introduced to the Ottoman Janissary Band by Mistress Xene. They are a historically accurate group of musicians that will lead an army into opening ceremonies, onto the battlefield, and a private performance in camp, if the payment was deemed worthy. Well…. Let’s just say that as I have an Ottoman persona, and had already been given the title of Sultan, that I WANTED Janissaries to escort the Ansteorran army EVERYWHERE. After a few hours of gathering commitments from friends regarding treats and drinks as payment, I contacted the Captain of the Janissaries with our offer. After a few moments of deliberation they had chosen to accept our patronage. As we gathered the WHOLE of the Ansteorran contingent for Opening Ceremonies, we were joined and led by the Janissary band making for one very large party. It was a show stopper. Horns blared, drums thundered, voices rang, cheers rose above the throng and all the while I could not hear a thing. I was transported to a different time and place. The Dream had come alive. It happened yet again at the in-camp performance and during our entrance to the field battle. It was a spectacle of grand proportions and something that brought so much depth to the Dream.

To top of all the shopping, fellowship, classes, and food was the fighting. I was lucky enough to fight with the Ansteorran army on both fields. Her Majesty and Her Highness made appearances on the rapier field as well and Our Army was inspired to great deeds by their presence. I have never fought so hard or had as much fun fighting as I did at Pennsic. I witnessed so many acts of prowess, chivalry, bad-assery, and courtesy on both fields. Sable Falcons and Queens Rapiers were awarded to several individuals for doing things that made Her Majesty and I go “Wow!”

By the end of the war I was definitely ready to go home to my wife and child, but the memories that were made at Pennsic will always be near and dear to my heart." (OP)
  • Braggart's War - 08/30/19 - Laurel & Pelican Circles. His Majesty writes, "Unicorns and dragons, dragons and unicorns… who could choose between such majestic and grand creatures? The Baronies of Elfsea, Bonwicke, and the Steppes decided they would split the Kingdom in two over this question. And what was decided? Fun. The answer is, was, and will always be fun! Braggart’s War was a great time that had a lot of everything. Melees, tournaments, A&S, bardic, dancing, and a whole lot of awesome people packed into one place." (OP)
  • Bryn Gwlad 40th Anniversary - 09/07/2019 - White Scarf & Masters of Defense Circles. His Majesty writes, "Home from a wonderful weekend! Some people talk of "Dream moments", well this was a Dream weekend where I was teleported to Ancient Rome. Bryn Gwlad 40th year celebration was HOT! Both in temperature and what all was going on. There were so many people and SO MANY newcomers! As excited as I was to go to the Castleton site again and see so many smiling faces, I was even more excited to hold a Court there. That was definitely one of the coolest experiences ever. We had so many people to recognize for being inspirations in their chosen field. We were honored to elevate Robert de Bray to Knighthood, Miles Ridley and Etienne de Montague to the Masters of Defense. We announced Rónán Fionn Ó Dubáin's elevation to the Order of the Laurel and Katalina Ana de Salamanca's elevation to the Order of the Pelican. There were so many deserving folks who received awards. And top among those was Phelim Gervase, who we chose to make Our Lion! Add in all the AoAs, thistles, Irises and other awards and you couldn’t really ask for much more. It was a great time and I very much appreciate the hospitality of Their Excellencies of Bryn Gwlad. Thank you all for a great weekend!" (OP)
Photo by Melanie Galleon
  • Ansteorra 40th Year - Sep 19-22, 2019 - Mooneschadowe - Pelican circle. His Majesty writes, "Wow. Just wow. From the transformation of an event site that I have used since I first started playing in the SCA, to the number of award recommendations we received, to the number of people who came to the event. Wow.

40 years! 40 years of awesome. 40 years of being an example to the rest of the world. Here’s to 40 more! There was so much awesome that I cannot even begin to describe it. Even hitting the highlights would take a VERY VERY long time. There was just about anything and everything someone could or would want to do at this event. Equestrian? Yup. Herbalist garden? Yuppers. Dancing? Of course. Hafla? You betcha! Feast to die for? Oh my lawd, yes. Archery, melees, tournaments, youth tournaments, siege, merchants, taverns, etc. etc. etc.? You bet your sweet bippie! Calontir? Yeah! Multiple Courts to account for the 140+ award recommendations we got? Yeah (and we still had to move some to other events). Graced by the presence of the Living Legends that made Ansteorra what it is today, and held in memory those that have passed on before us? You better believe it!

We knighted a VERY deserving man, we elevated a Laurel who just happened to be one of my dearest friends (and also a very gifted artisan), made a very generous and awesome lady a Baroness of the Court, and were honored to recognize many with awards so richly deserved. The ONLY thing that could have made 40th Year better was if the rain held out on Sunday morning. But even that was fun and allowed fellow Ansteorrans to show how much they care for each other by helping those in need.

So tired and still recovering from such an amazing and inspiring event."

  • Coronation (TBD) - 10/11/19 - Vladislav Pasha "Wow. Just wow. Such an emotional day today. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us at our last hurrah! It was a LOT harder than I thought it would be. I love this great Kingdom and all those in it. You always hear there are great people all around you, but until you actually get out and travel and meet those people you then realize that great is such an understatement! I encourage any and all that have not traveled to your neighboring Barony, Shire, Canton, Stronghold, Province, or Region to do so and realize the awesome people we have ALL OVER these lands. I have had the privilege of meeting so many wonderful people just from my travels in Ansteorra. Thank you to everyone who has extended well wishes and congratulations on a reign that we hope was enjoyed by all. It was our honor to serve Ansteorra and her populace." (OP)

The Words of The Populace:

Tales of our 81st Crown


Daniel Schade May 4, 2019 KSCA (OP)
Miles Ridley September 7, 2019 MOD (OP)
Etienne de Montagu September 7, 2019 MOD (OP)
Robert de Bray September 7, 2019 KSCA (OP)
Aelfwyn Webbestre September 21, 2019 Laurel (OP
Vincenti da Murano September 21, 2019 KSCA (OP)
Sabine Lefevre d'Armignac October 12, 2019 Pelican (OP)
Ronan Fionn O Dubain October 12, 2019 Laurel(OP)


Royal Whims:

  • There should be more music at events, livening the ambience for everyone.
  • Sites that are dog-friendly and/or horse-friendly are encouraged.
  • Children should be seen and heard and played with and loved.
  • Gifts of largesse would be greatly appreciated.

Reign Notes:


Margaret's Coronation Garb: Simone Valery La Rousse made the clothing, and Simha bint Yusuf made the jewelry.
Vladislav's Coronation Garb: The ceremonial outer kaftan was made by Sabiha al-Zarqa' bint Hakim al-'Attar, the under-caftan and other pieces were created by Caterina Giovanni di Gilead and Anastasiia Dmitrieva Sokolova, with the braids for the caftan handmade by Masina Da Ferrara. The felt cap was made by Adena Terricsdottir, and the wrap was made by Marguerite Dinard. The Centurion cloak was made by Kyna Terricsdottir.

Loch Soilleir and Stargate Co-Baronial:
Vladislav: Roman tunic made by Masina Da Ferrara.

Queen's Champion:
Margaret: Dress by Tatiana Verlioni, Finishing touches byKjalvor Saebjornardottir and Margherita de Mantua. Partlet by Margherita de Mantua.
Vladislav: Doublet by Simona della Luna.

Steppes Warlord:
Princess Royal: ensemble made by Yzabeau Brossier.

Braggart's War
Vladislav: Mask made by Dearbhail inghen Muirdoch.

Thank you tokens for entourage & helpers made by Skjoldulfr Hildibjarnarnson at His Majesty's request.
Vladislav's County Coronet: Baron Aiden Wolfden
Margaret's Ducal Coronet: Count Barn Silveraxe
Margaret's Ducal Scroll: Emma Farewyll

Reign Photos