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'''Lion: Pepin Moroni'''
''Queen’s Champion: Sigmund the Wingfooted''
*King’s Gauntlet
**Galen of Bristol
**Marc l'Haut de Provence
*Queen’s Glove
**John Budriss the Healer
**Roselynde d'Angleterre

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4th_Crown Finn Kelly O'Donnell and Elzasif Ironhand 6th_Crown

Finn&Cyf2.jpg Finn and Cyf, LLoyd and Jocelyn, Tonn and Elizabeth

Crown Info:

  • King Finn (Finn Kelly O'Donnell)[OP]
  • Queen Sif (Elzasif Ironhand)[OP]
  • Crown Tourney:
  • Coronation: July 18, 1981
  • Stepped Down: January 30, 1982


Coronation Remembrance written by Jehana Wyverna

Lion: Pepin Moroni

Queen’s Champion: Sigmund the Wingfooted

  • King’s Gauntlet
    • Galen of Bristol
    • Marc l'Haut de Provence
  • Queen’s Glove
    • John Budriss the Healer
    • Roselynde d'Angleterre


Sigmund the Wingfooted 1981-07-18 KSCA
Richenda de la Selva 1981-09-12 Laurel
Torin Ertheshert 1982-01-09 KSCA