51st Crown

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50th_Crown Quintus Aurelius Dracontius II and Sibri de Aldebourne I 52nd_Crown

Crown Info:

* King: Drake II (Quintus Aurelius Dracontius) (OP)

* Queen: Sibri I (Sibri de Aldebourne) (OP)

* Crown Tourney: May 31, 2004 at Raven's Fort

* Coronation: July 10, 2004 at Ansteorran 25th Year Celebration in Canton, TX

* Stepped down: January 15, 2005

* Predecessors: Miguel Sebastian de Oporto II and Conal Alexandria O'Riordain II

* Heirs: Ulsted the Unsteady II and Catot d'Ardennes II

* Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Tessa of the Gardens (OP)

Queen's Champion: Edward Mercer (OP)

Bard: Katrina of Coventry (OP)

King's Champion: Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne (OP)

Queen's Blade of Honor: Allesandro Andretti (OP)

King's Lancer: Kimbel Ross (OP)

King's Blade of Chivalry: Miguel Sebastian de Oporto (OP)

Royal Huntsman: Jacques the Spink (OP)

Guardian of the Queen's Hope: Raknar Bloodaxe (OP)

Middle Eastern Dance Champion: Toryn Seven-Stitches (OP)

King's Gauntlet

Queen's Gloves


Owen ap Aeddan ap Trahaearne (OP) 2004-09-18 KSCA
Radegund of Tours (OP) 2004-10-16 Laurel
Anton Cwith (OP) 2004-10-30 KSCA
Jehanne d'Avignon (OP) 2004-10-30 Pelican
Cassius Domitius Lepus (OP) 2004-12-04 Laurel
Claryce Orfevre (OP) 2004-12-04 Laurel
Diarmait ua Dhuinn (OP) 2004-12-04 Laurel
Michelle Chantal de Charente (OP) 2004-12-04 Pelican
Godwin of Edington (OP) 2004-12-11 Pelican
Perronnelle Charrette de La Tour du Pin (OP) 2004-12-11 Pelican
Juliana Vertue (OP) 2005-01-08 Laurel
Philip White (OP) 2005-01-08 Laurel
Robert Fitzmorgan (OP) 2005-01-08 Pelican
Stella Silvana (OP) 2005-01-08 Pelican


Drake and Sibri were crowned at the Ansteorran Argent Anniversary celebration.The Coronation ceremony was Roman themed, and Sibri was carried into her coronation on a litter carried by four well-oiled, bare chested gentlemen.