44th Crown

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43rd_Crown Jason MacPherson I and Saereid Sigmunddottier I 45th_Crown

2 Jason and Saereid I.jpg

Crown Info:

  • Crown Tourney:
  • Coronation: January 13, 2001
  • Stepped down: July 07, 2001


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Patrick Michael Gordonne

Queen's Champion: Modius von Mergentheim

Kingdom Warlord: Guy Lestrange

King's Champion: Alexis la Bouche

Queen's Blade of Honor: Tristan von Heidelberg

King's Blade of Chivalry: Gideon MacLeod

Royal Huntsman: William Black Dragon

Guardian of the Queen's Hope: Rosalind Moondragon


Barn Silveraxe 2001-03-03 Pelican
Ginevra Rodney 2001-05-15 Laurel
Ulsted the Unsteady 2001-05-15 KSCA
Alexis la Bouche 2001-07-07 Pelican