41st Crown

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40th_Crown Daffydd Whitaker and Octavia de Verdun 42nd_Crown

Crown Info:

*King: Daffydd (Daffydd Whitaker) (OP)

*Queen: Octavia (Octavia de Verdun) (OP])

*Crown Tourney: April 17, 1999 at Bryn Gwlad Photos of Event by Armand Dragonetti

*Coronation: July 10, 1999 Ansteorra 20th Year and Coronation (Canton, TX)

*Stepped down: January 15, 2000 at Elfsea

*Predecessors: Gunthar Jonsson I and Sara Penrose

*Heirs: Alaric Drake and Kay Leigh Drake

*Crowns of Ansteorra


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Gunnvor silfraharr (OP)

Queen's Champion: James Francis Navarre (OP)

Bard: Ulf Gunnarsson (OP)

King's Champion: Randall der Krieger (OP)

Queen's Blade of Honor: Alexander Peregrine (OP)

King's Lancer: Michelle Frasier (OP)

King's Blade of Chivalry: Galen of Bristol (OP)

King's Gauntlets

  • Cassius Domitius Lepus (OP)
  • Asoph Hearts (OP)
  • Eric Thoraldson (OP)
  • Krag McIntyre (OP)

Queen's Gloves


Samuel Piper (OP) 1999-08-07 Laurel
Ulrica Bronwyn (OP) 1999-09-04 Pelican
Miriam of Bristol (OP) 1999-09-18 Pelican
Hillary Rose Greenslade (OP) 1999-11-06 Pelican
Miguel Sebastian de Oporto (OP) 1999-11-20 KSCA
Aislynn Crystyn (OP) 2000-01-08 Laurel
Sigrid Eiriksdottir (OP) 2000-01-08 Laurel
Lucais du Belier (OP) 2000-01-15 Pelican

Reign Notes: