3rd Coronet Tourney

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November 24-27, 1978 in Bjørnsborg

The Coronet Tourney was held over Thanksgiving Weekend in Bjørnsborg. Eighteen fighters entered the lists. After two rounds of single elimination had narrowed the field the tournament continued as best two out of three. In the end two fighters remained. Sir Simonn of Amber Isle and Master Lloyd von Eaker. As night had fallen and it was too dark to fight, the final round was postponed until Sunday.

That evening after court and feast had concluded the heavens opened up in a deluge. The rain continued the rest of the night and ended the next morning. As the fighters prepared for the final round, the police arrived, and fearing a flood, closed the park and told everyone to leave at once.

Everyone packed up and left the site as quickly as they could. The Event was over, but not the tournament. The King and Queen of Atenveldt - Jonathan and Willow, Their Highnesses of Ansteorra - Randal and Constance, the finalists and a few others met at a nearby school to finish the tournament and select a heir. However the authorities arrived and told them they could not fight on school property, and so the tournament continued in a field across the street from the school. In the end Sir Simonn of Amber was victorious.
Simonn of Amber Isle and Tessa of the Gardens, Founding Baron and Baroness Bordermarch, were to become the Third Prince and Princess of the Principality of Ansteorra,


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