2nd Vindheim Coronet

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2nd Coronet

Coronet: Prince Jean Paul de Sens & Princess Gilyan Alienora of Clonmacnoise
Coronet Tournament & Elevation: June 18, 2022 - Vindheim Coronet Tourney II
Stepped Down:
Predecessors: Romanius Vesperianus and Deanna della Penna

Reign Overview

Royal Whims or Declarations

Staff Members

  • Head of Entourage: Ælfwyn Webbestre
  • Chief Lady-in-Waiting:
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The Words of the Coronet

June 23, 2022


Prince Jean Paul and I are very excited to be your new Prince and Princess! Thank you for giving us a couple of days to get re-acclimated to being front and center. It's been a few (cough) years of semi-retirement for us, but it was quite joyous to see all the smiling faces in court rather than the backs of heads! As we were sitting in court Saturday evening, the smiling faces brought back many fond memories. It was good for Our souls.

There have been several communications already about the many Deeds of Service and Outstanding Administration that were seen at the Coronet Tournament this past weekend. We would like to add Our sincere gratitude to the list. From the moment we stepped on site we could tell the event was well organized. The generosity of Namron and Vindheim was evident everywhere. The water stations staged around site, the fans, and the trays of fruit and salty snacks were exactly what a summer event in Vindheim needed. We would like to add Our praise to those gentles who bent their backs and shoveled and raked the field to make it more safe for the tournament. Through your efforts, there were no injuries due to the poor footing. Thank you for your unexpected but appreciated assistance.

We both look forward to meeting and speaking with more of the Vindheim populace and listening to your thoughts, suggestions, and opinions on the future of the Principality. If you would prefer to communicate electronically with Us, please do so through the official Prince and Princess emails. We will not have discussions about Principality business on Our personal Facebook profiles. While Viscount Romanius and Viscountess Deanna have done a gargantuan amount of work during their six months in office, there is still more to do. We are ready to take up this burden with the populace's guidance and assistance.

This weekend, I will be traveling south to the Two Artisans, Two Bards event hosted by the Baronies of Eldern Hills and Bonwicke while Prince Jean Paul will be traveling north to visit Our neighbors in Calontir at Lilies War. If you have never been to a Lilies War we highly recommend it. Lilies is like a fun family reunion full of people you wished you were able to see more often. His Highness has often correlated Lilies to eating pizza. He would really like to eat the whole pizza, but half a pizza or even just one piece of pizza is better than no pizza! :)

Cool breezes and safe travels to you all,
Princess Gilyan
Prince Jean Paul

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Preference His Serene Highness Her Serene Highness
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