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2019 Calendar 2021

The Year in Summary

The Catastrophic Australian Wild Fires dominated the news in the first month of the year. Soon that was over taken by the Covid-19 Pandemic which closed much of the world for several months, governments canceling events and schools in an effort to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. For more specific information about the year and how the Society handled it, please visit The Time that Wasn't Like Any Other.


Date Event Group Info
04 Twelfth Night Steppes
10 Winter Crown Tournament Loch Soilleir
18 Winter Round Table Glaslyn
25 wInterKingdom Northkeep
25 Sable Soldier Project IV Eldern Hills


Date Event Group Info
01 Candlemas Bryn Gwlad
08 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Brad Leah | Laurel's Circle held
14 War College Raven's Fort
15 Provincial Games & Princess' Tea Mooneschadowe
21 Feuding Families Bjornsborg
28 Fire and Ice Eldern Hills
29 Sable Legionnaire Emerald Keep
29 Winter War Maneuvers (Out of Kingdom)


Date Event Group Info


Date Event Group Info
25th Ansteorran Royal Court (Kingdom) Virtual Event


Date Event Group Info
02 Beltane & Ansteorra Royal Court Namron & Kingdom Video
09 Ansteorra Virtual Step-Down Court & Coronation (Kingdom) Video
16 Can'tsellan - a Host of Hermits Northkeep
16 Ansteorra Royal Court (Kingdom) Video (4 PM: Landed Fealty Oaths)
16 Ansteorra Royal Court (Kingdom)) Wiesenfeuer Baronial Investiture (6pm)
23 Ansteorra Royal Court (Kingdom) Video (Fealty Oaths of Knights and Masters of Arms)
23 Spring into Our Steppes Steppes Virtual Event
30 Ansteorran Royal Court (Kingdom) Video (Fealty Oaths for the Order of Laurels & Laurel Circle)


Date Event Group Info
6 Ansteorran Royal Court (Kingdom) Video (Fealty Oaths for the Order of Pelicans)
13 King's College Virtual Event & Ansteorran Royal Court Bordermarch (Kingdom) Video (Fealty Oaths for Masters of Defense)
20 Wiesenfeuer Baronial & Ansteorran Royal Court Wiesenfeuer and Kingdom Video (Fealty Oaths for White Scarves)
20 Bonwicke Artisan Bonwicke Virtual Event


Date Event Group Info
11 Ansteorra Virtual Court
25 Steppes Artisan Steppes Virtual Event


Date Event Group Info
01 Virtual King's Round Table & Royal Court (Kingdom)
15 Ansteorra Royal Court (Kingdom) Virtual Event
22 Ansteorran Heraldic & Scribal Symposium Bonwicke Bonwicke Investiture


Date Event Group Info
05 Virtual Ansteorran Court
19 Triumphe Eternia Mooneschadowe


Date Event Group Info
2 Fall Baronial
Protectorate XLIV
Bryn Gwlad
Virtual Event
Virtual Event
10 Virtual Ansteorran Court
16 Fall Event Bjornsborg Virtual Event
17 Highway to Hel Chemin Noir Virtual Event
24 Bonwicke Champions - Capture the Plague Rat Bonwicke Virtual Event
30 Samhain Eldern Hills Virtual Event


Date Event Group Info
07 Elfsea Baronial Virtual College & Kingdom Court: The Plague Can't Keep Us Down Elfsea Event Website
10 Virtual Ansteorran Court
21 Virtual Ansteorran Court


Date Event Group Info
05 Yule & Kingdom Court Stargate Virtual Event
12 Yule Weisenfeuer Virtual Event

2019 Calendar 2021