2009 Defender of the Rose

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Event Information

Date Held:
Location Held: Joint event by Shadowlands and Tir Medoin
Event Stewards: Vanessa de Verona, Bastian Eisengart, Conal Alexandria O'Riordain
Feast Steward:


Archery: Faolan
A&S: Hanna van Dahl
Bardic: Alys Durivau
Chivalric: Lochlan Dunn
Rapier: Robert McPharlan

Thank Yous

(The following email was posted to the Ansteorran Kingdom list, and is reposted here with permission.)

Forwarded message ----------

Date: Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 3:54 PM
Subject: [Ansteorra] Defenders of the Rose 2009 Than You's (and found lost items)
To: "Kingdom of Ansteorra - SCA, Inc."

Please permit me a moment of your time that I might thank all the wonderful people who made Defenders of the Rose 2009 not only possible but extremely enjoyable. I am afraid I can offer them little more than my adoration on these lists, but they are owed much more.

To the area directors and local contacts, planning and executing the event would have been nigh impossible without you. Thank you for your work, Kaitlyn Mckenna and Faolen with archery, Michael McNevin for Gate coordination and Decorations, Paidric for performing arts and coordinating site heralds, Nathen and Beathan Macdhuibh for maintaining sanitation, Diederic for Rapier, Tressa Rhiannon for coordinating waterbearing, Morina for static A&S, Elis McNevin for site tokens and also decorations, Solange for the scavanger hunt, Randall der Krieger for coordinating construction/destruction crews
and the Chivalric list, and of course Isabelot for the magnificent feast. Also, a special thank you to Leofwin, Plachoya, and Pug for marshaling and helping with archery.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the plethora of people who helped by donating their sweat and muscle as well. To everybody who pitched in, if even to carry someone’s feast basket across the field
thank you. I would like to quickly recognize the members of the Shire of Shadowlands and Tir Medoin who comprised the bulk of our set-up, tear-down, and serving staff in addition to the coordinators; Juan,
Alfrun, Rhodri, Catan, Maggie, Francois, Crowley, Elias, Lorien, Conn, Conor, Elizabeth, Eric Morrison, David of Tir Medoin, Alexander of Tir Medoin, Meghann der Krieger, Katriona O'Malley, Katieb, Wulfgar, James Smythe, Connor Ivorson, Aidan, McNevin, Mugentuya, Fionn, Isold Jesse, and Ashley.

Finally, to the Ladies of the Rose, thank you for all your work; as sponsors of the events and activities, for your labors, and your for dedication to the event. You will continue to inspire us all for years to come.

Let me be the first to invite the populace of Ansteorra to the next event. Let us make it even better than the last.

L. Bastian Eisengart
2nd Co-Steward Defender of the Rose, 2009
Proud Resident of Shadowlands, Capitol of Ansteorra

P.S. I have found the following left at the event site, 2 folding chairs, a pottery mug, a glass mug, a plastic mug, a baby toy, a bud vase and sunglasses. If you think any of these may be yours, or if you lost something, please contact me off-list.