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2007 Calendar 2009


Date Event Group
4-6 Elfsea and Steppes 12th Night The Steppes
Bonwicke's 12th Night Bonwicke
Yule Revel Barony of Western Seas (Caid)
11-13 Coronation Rosenfeld
18-20 King's Round Table Bryn Gwlad
Unofficial Event: The Day of War Lindenwood
25-27 Queen's Champion Namron


Date Event Group
1-3 Candlemas Bryn Gwlad *PED*
8-10 Kingdom A&S Northkeep
15-17 A Day at the Grand Melees Raven's Fort
Estrella War XXIV Atenveldt
Unofficial Event: In The Company of Wolves VII House Wolfstar
22-24 King's Lancer/Coastal Invasion Seawinds
Winter War Maneuvers and Northern Regional Tribute Northern Region / Mooneschadowe


Date Event Group
29-2 Academy of Defense III Bjornsborg
7-9 Gulf War XVII (9th - 16th) Gleann Abhann
14-16 Gulf War XVII (9th - 16th) Gleann Abhann
21-23 Calontir Coronation Crystal Mynes, Calontir
28-30 Emerald Tourney Emerald Keep
Trimaris Coronation Trimaris


Date Event Group
4-6 Crown Tournament Elfsea
Unofficial Event: Medieval Faire Demo Namron
Unofficial Event: Tejeda History Faire Demo Bjornsborg
11-13 Defender of the Flame Glaslyn
Siege the Day The Shadowlands
18-20 Stargate and Loch Soilleir Baronials Stargate *PED*
Wiesenfeuer Baronial Championship Wiesenfeuer
SCA Board of Director's Meeting (Open) Dallas, TX
25-27 Champions of Bonwicke / Investiture Bonwicke *PED*
Bordermarch Baronial Champions XXXI Bordermarch
Guardian of the Tor XVII Dragonsfire Tor


Date Event Group
2-4 Elfsea Springfaire/Guardian of the Gauntlet Elfsea
Namron Beltain Namron
9-11 Squires and Cadets Loch Soilleir and Stargate
23-25 Steppes Warlord the Steppes *PED*
30-1 Lysts at Castleton Bryn Gwlad multi-group event
Castellan Northkeep *PED*


Date Event Group
6-8 Eldern XXX Eldern Hills
13-15 King's College the Steppes
27-29 Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium Westgate


Date Event Group
4-6 (Friday, 4th of July)
11-13 Coronation Stargate
18-20 Queen's Champion Bryn Gwlad
25-27 Crown Tournament Mooneschadowe
25-31 Pennsic XXXVII


Date Event Group
1-3 Lady of the Lake Adlersruhe
Out of Kingdom: Pennsic XXXVII
8-10 Lughnasad Loch Ruadh
Out of Kingdom: Pennsic XXXVII
15-17 Steppes Artisan the Steppes
22-24 King's Round Table Mooneschadowe
29-01 Gothic War XVII Trelac


Date Event Group
5-7 Harvest End Gate's Edge
12-14 Laurel's Prize Seawinds
Jagermeister Fynnon Gath
19-21 Defender of the Fort / Royal Huntsman Raven's Fort *PED*
Triumphe of the Eclipse Mooneschadowe
26-28 Elfsea Defender XXVI Elfsea *PED*
Cancelled because of hurricane and aftermath.


Date Event Group
3-5 Battle of Three Kings XIV "Khans" Rosenfeld
10-12 Namron Protectorate Namron *PED*
*Cancelled* Tourney by the Loch Loch Soilleir
17-19 Ursae-Lyons Bjornsborg *PED*
*Cancelled* Battle of the Pines Graywood
24-26 Samhain Celebration Eldern Hills *PED*
Seawinds Defender Seawinds
Central Regional Academy of the Rapier Rosenfeld and Dragonsfire Tor
31-2 Bryn Gwlad Baronial Bryn Gwlad
Brad Leah's Fighter's Challenge Brad Leah


Date Event Group
31-2 Bryn Gwlad Baronial Bryn Gwlad
7-9 Coronation the Steppes
14-16 Queen's Champion Tír Medóin
Axeman V Skorragarðr
20-23 Autumn Melees / King's Champion Bordermarch *PED*
21-23 Fair of the Harvest Chemin Noir
28-30 Thanksgiving Weekend


Date Event Group
5-7 Stargate Yule Stargate
Wiesenfeuer Yule Revel and Royal Huntsman Wiesenfeuer *PED*
Demo: Champions for Children Trelac
Unofficial Event: Yule Revel Dragonsfire Tor
12-14 Crimson Tower Yule Revel Black Lake
Winterkingdom Northkeep
Demo: Enchanted Forest Renaissance Faire Seawinds
19-21 Unofficial Event: Yule Revel Loch Soilleir

2007 Calendar 2009