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2006 Calendar 2008


Date Event Group
5-7 Kingdom Eisteddfod and Steppes 12th Night The Steppes
Bonwicke's Twelfth Night Bonwicke
12-14 Coronation Brad Leah
19-21 King's Round Table Rosenfeld
Unofficial Event: X11 Hour War The Steppes CANCELLED
26-28 Coronation and Queen's Champion Bryn Gwlad


Date Event Group
2-4 Candlemas Bryn Gwlad *PED*
9-11 Kingdom A&S Rosenfeld
16-18 Jagermeister and King's Champion Fynnon Gath
Axeman IV Skorragarðr
23-25 Coastal Invasion Seawinds/Stonebridge Keep
Ice Axe 26 XXVI Middleford


Date Event Group
2-4 Fox Tail Tourney Eldern Hills and Brad Leah
9-11 Gulf War XVI Gleann Abhann
16-18 Gulf War XVI Gleann Abhann
23-25 (open)
30-1 Festival of Fools Bjornsborg
Elfsea Spring Faire Elfsea
Demo: Norman Medieval Faire Namron


Date Event Group
6-8 Crown Tournament Bonwicke
13-15 Guardian of the Gauntlet Loch Soilleir and Stargate
Defender of the Flame Glaslyn
20-22 Stargate Baronial Stargate *PED*
Wiesenfeuer Baronial Wiesenfeuer
27-29 Champions of Bonwicke Bonwicke *PED*
XXXth Bordermarch Champions and Baronial Investiture Bordermarch
Guardian of the Tor XIV Dragonsfire Tor


Date Event Group
4-6 Loch Guardian Loch Soilleir *PED*
Beltane Games Namron
Emerald Tourny Emerald Keep
Demo: May Day Demo at Bergfeld Park Rosenfeld
11-13 The Lysts at Castleton and Kings Lancer Tournament Multi-Regional Event
Demo: Grape Ranch Mini Medieval Fair Skorragarðr
18-20 Mendersham Defender Mendersham
Eldern XXIX Eldern Hills
Golden Arrow 12 Stonebridge Keep
25-27 Steppes Warlord and Baronial Investiture The Steppes *PED*


Date Event Group
1-3 Castellan Northkeep *PED*
8-10 King's College and Royal Huntsman Stargate
15-17 (open)
22-24 Unofficial Event: Fiber Arts College Bjornsborg
29-1 Sundered Shield VII Crossrode Keep


Date Event Group
6-8 Coronation Emerald Keep
13-15 King's Round Table the Shadowlands
20-22 Queen's Champion Gate's Edge
27-29 Steppes Artisan the Steppes


Date Event Group
3-5 Westgate Winter Collegium Westgate
Demonstration: Lazy Dragon Con the Steppes
Unofficial Event: Laurels' Field Day Namron
10-12 Lughnasad Loch Ruadh
17-19 Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium Mooneschadowe
Lady of the Lake III An Loch
24-26 Caribbee Gate's Edge


Date Event Group
31-2 Battle of the Pines XXIII Graywood
Gothic Wars XVI Bonwicke
2 Demonstration: Fall MSC Open House the Shadowlands
7-9 Laurel's Prize / Harvest Moon Emerald Keep
14-16 Defender of the Fort Raven's Fort *PED*
Triumphe II Mooneschadowe
21-23 Elfsea Defender XXVI Elfsea *PED*
Shadowlands 3rd 10th Year Celebration (Quest for the Pretty Good Mug) the Shadowlands
Demonstration: Lawton International Festival Eldern Hills
28-30 Bryn Gwlad Baronial Bryn Gwlad


Date Event Group
5-7 Crown Tournament Graywood
12-14 Namron Protectorate Namron *PED*
Tourney by the Loch Loch Soilleir
Quest for the Round Table Tír Medóin
19-21 Ursae-Lyons Bjornsborg *PED*
Day in the Ottoman Empire Trelac
Brad Leah Survivor Brad Leah
26-28 Samhain Celebration Eldern Hills *PED*
Seawinds Defender Seawinds


Date Event Group
2-4 Battle of Three Kings Rosenfeld
9-11 Defenders of the Rose the Shadowlands and Emerald Keep
Fair of the Harvest Chemin Noir
16-18 Bordermarch Autumn Melees Bordermarch *PED*
18 Crown Tournament at Bordermarch Bordermarch
23-25 Unofficial Event: Artisan of the Flame Glaslyn


Date Event Group
30-2 Stargate Yule and Kingdom Dance Stargate
Weisenfeuer Yule Revel Wiesenfeuer *PED*
7-9 Winterkingdom Northkeep
Demonstration: Enchanted Forest Renaissance Faire Seawinds
Unofficial Event: Loch Yule Loch Soilleir
14-16 Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel and Eisteddfod Dragonsfire Tor
21-23 (open)
28-30 (open)

2006 Calendar 2008