1st Ansteorran Crown Tournament

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May 12, 1979 in Bryn Gwlad

The first Ansteorran Crown Tournament is held in Bryn Gwlad. The victor is Count Jonathan DeLaufyson fighting for Countess Willow de Wisp.

The site was in a wooded area east of Bryn Gwlad, with a dirt road leading in from the highway. Unfortunately, there was quite a bit of rain the day before the event, and most of the people who came in on Friday night got their vehicles stuck in the mud. Several of the local folks spent the night pushing cars out of the mud and ferrying folks and their gear in from the highway.

By Saturday the weather had cleared, and remained beautiful throughout the weekend. We were graced by the presence of TRM Theo and Salene, Countess Bevin, the Society Steward, and many notables from our parent kingdom of Atenveldt.

As I recall, there were about twenty or thirty fighters in the list, the final bout was between Count Jonathan (who'd stepped down as King of Atenveldt a couple of months earlier) and a relatively new fighter from the Shadowlands, known as Otto the Merciless.

Bryn Gwlad was formally created a barony in morning court, with Vargskol Halfblood and Seanna Catriona de Fraser as Baron and Baroness.

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