12th Crown

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11th_Crown Inman MacMoore and Arrowyn of Emerald Moor 13th_Crown

Crown Info:

  • King Inman (Inman MacMoore)[OP]
  • Queen Arrowyn (Arrowyn of Emerald Moor)[OP]
  • Crown Tourney:
  • Coronation: February 27, 1985
  • Stepped Down: July 27, 1985


An overview of their reign.

Lion: Finn Kelly O'Donnell

Queen's Champion: Donald Armstrong

Kingdom Warlord: Gerard MacEanruig

Bard: Sieglinde Syr

  • Queen's Glove
    • Jeremy James Scurlock
    • Thomas of Tenby


Edwin FitzLloyd 1985-04-27 Laurel
Emrys Shaunnon 1985-04-28 KSCA
Seamus of the Cats 1985-04-28 KSCA
Korwyn Marius Velis Ariannaid 1985-05-26 MSCA
Finn Kelly O'Donnell 1985-07-27 Laurel