Åsa in Blinda

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Asa inn Blindi Portrait.jpg
Bonwicke Defender, November 2019
Photograph by Melanie Gallon
Registered Name: Ása in blinda
Resides: Glaslyn
Status: Active
Joined SCA: 2016
Order of Precedence
Asa inn Blindi
Åsa in Blinda Device.png

Lady Åsa in Blinda

Previously Known As: Runa
Nickname(s): OSHA the Blender, Åsa (Oh-sa, not ass-a), Alison, Frau
Pronouns: They/She

Additional Registered Heraldry:


Persona History:

10th century Gotlandic farmer (Åsa), 14th century tailors guildswoman from Bath (Alison), and 16th century trossfrau originally from Holstein (Walpurg). (Has the worst multiple persona disorder in the Known World, but despite having a name for each persona, will always answer to Åsa)


  • Sewing, specifically with construction and how layers affect the look of garments.
  • Nålbinding
  • Cut and Thrust combat
  • Period food, both plausibly period and documentable.
  • The War of Breton Succession

Timeline of Activity:

2016 - Started in the Barony of Tir Ysgithr, Atenveldt
August 2018 - Returned from break to Glaslyn / Ubered + walked to Braggarts War
October 2019 - Autocrat of Glaslyn Artisan of the Flame, Taught class on Nalbinding
January 2020 - Received AoA
Aug 21, 2021 - Received Sable Thistle for costuming
Jan 21, 2023 - Fought in Her Stellar Majesty's Queen's Champion, received Queen's Rapier award
Jan 28, 2023 - Taught "The War of Two Jeannes: The Combat of the Thirty in Context" at Northkeep's Winterkingdom
Feb 11, 2023 - Displayed costuming and research at Laurel's Prize Tourney
Apr 22, 2023 - Organized Premiere Cut and Thrust defender at Glaslyn Defender of the Flame

Prior Groups:

  • Tir Ysgithr, Atenveldt

Populace Provided Information:

Notable Contributions or Accomplishments:

  • 2019: Served Feast at Bonwicke Defender, part of the waterbearing team at several events, worked gate at a Steppes & Glaslyn event
  • 2020: Assisted at the UNT and Boy Scout Demos

Non-Armigerous Awards and Recognitions:

  • Received both the Baronial and populace choice for the Arts and Sciences competition at Bonwicke Champions
  • Awarded Glaslyn Keeper of the Flame of Chivalry at Defender of the Flame 2023


  • Student of Biatrizi Canzionari di Palermo
  • Student of Étienne de Montagu
  • Member of Chimera Company

Mundane Information:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHSC7Wguj-N0yYuL7Ha-LhQ

Special Needs:

In Case Of Court:

Please Alert Before Court Summons.