House Emerickeskepe

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About the Household

House Emerickeskepe was founded by Jessimond and Tobias of Emerickeskepe on their wedding day - April 17, 1993! The two remain as the only leaders of the household. Traditionally this household is restricted to the blood kin of the founders, and their spouses/partners.

altThe Badge of House Emerickeskepe


(Fieldless) On a compass star elongated to base per pale sable and argent within and conjoined to an annulet gyronny sable and argent a tower Or.

Areas of Focus


  • Zehle Dübel
  • Deborah of Haleshaven
  • Æduin Hacke
  • Odran Fhionn
  • Antonio Giovanni Celinni
  • Isabella de Beaujue
  • William le Yunge of Haleshaven
  • Orlaidh an Einigh
  • Kaiden, son of Odran

Sadly, two members are no longer with us: Baron Ladislaus de Brody (deceased), and Emerick’s Jester, Sable (deceased).


  • Kibbitz Kibbutz
  • Haleshaven
  • Clan Gambit