Fallen Stars of Ansteorra

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We have lost many bright Stars of Ansteorra over the years. This page is for all of them.

At our Argent Anniversary, the names of 47 armigerous Ansteorrans was read aloud by HL Snorri Hallson. His words were: "Thus follows a list of 47 armigerous Ansteorrans who have departed this life. Know them all, be they Royalty or simple armiger, that with their passing we have lost forever some part of the spirit of Ansteorra."

**Please Note: In the case of the deceased - if they did not authorize a wiki page during their lifetimes, we must have the consent of their heirs to create one.**

A - C

Lord Aarion Kyrkwood Mountain-Gate of Amberglade - OP

Baroness Adelicia Brabent of Twyce Holey Wood - OP

Aelwyn of Alburn OP

Aidan Aileran O'Comhraidhe - OP

Lord Alan MacRonan MacCalum - OP

Mistress Alys Carvelsdatter - OP

Lady Arnbiorg Nic an Ghabhann - OP

Arachna the Red

Cianan O'Domhnaill

Arlene the Soother - OP

Arrianna of Greytower

Honorable Lord Athelstan of Staffordshire - OP

Aulus Allemanius Draconis - OP

Benedict Ashton - OP

Bice di Pietro - OP

Bjorn Meaddranka

Master Bjorn Magnusson Esping - OP

Branwen O'Brallaghan

Mistress Cadi ferch Branwen - OP

Cairistiona nic Laren - OP

Mistress Caitlin Anna ni Sheanain - OP

Carles bar Sinster

Ceinwen ferch Rhuel - OP

Conor Mac na Mara

Cordelia Maeve Ahern - OP

D - F

Diarmuid mac Ruis - OP

Lady Deidre of the Misty Glade - OP

Countess Drusilla of Northumbria - OP

Lady Dub Essa ingen ui Briain - OP

Duffin Blindeagle

Master Edward d’Orleans - OP

Lady Elaine de Lyons - OP

Eowyn ferch Rhys - OP

Erik Blackarrow

Honorable Lord Evian Blackthorne - OP

G - I

Lord Gawin Pattison - OP

Gaius Marcellus Librus Auklandus

Geoff Weakarm

Maestro Giovanni Lorenzo da Montefiori - OP

Doña Gwenllian Gwalch Gaeaf - OP

Honorable Lady Gwyneth of Dragon's Keepe - OP

Gryffdd Mawr ap Rhodri

Hakon Blackhart - OP

Houssein Ali Quomi

Isebell of the Towers

J - L

Lord Jack the Happy of Brad Leah - OP

Baroness Janais l'Orfeverie - OP

Baroness Janet Virago Parvaof House Morningstar - OP

Duke Jean Richard Malcolmson - OP

Sir John the Plain of Shearn - OP

Katherine le Flemyng - OP

Countess Kemreth Danil - OP

Lady Kendra Kenmare - OP

Lord Laurence d'Avranches - OP

Centurion Lawrence the Rampant of Ram's Isle - OP

Lady Leonora d'Este Castiglione - OP

Honorable Lady Lorraine Fraser - OP

Baroness Louise Elizabeth Mindenhale ("Weezie") - OP

M - O

Baroness Mairin ferch Howell - [http://heraldry.ansteorra.org/OP/op-names.php?search=Mairin%20ferch%20Howell&id=3169 OP

Honorable Lord Martin Hart of Wells - OP

Lady Mary McLaod - OP

Merfyn Gareth ap Mouric - OP

Michael of Kendal - OP

Michael Twin Cedars

Lord Michael vom Donau - OP

Lord Morgan Axebreaker - OP

Lady Muldana of Catchlove - OP

Lord Nicholas Drake - OP

Lord Omar the Turk - OP

P - R

Baron Parnel Pashley Penhaligon - OP

Rachael Braur of the Black Forest - OP

Master Ragnar Ulfgarsson - OP

Lord Rhys ap Emrys - OP

Sir Riccardo di Pisa - OP

Mistress Roane Fairegae of Lochlann - OP

Lord Roland de Ruthven - OP

Baroness Roselynde d'Angleterre - OP

Rusty of House Arkham

S - U

Sean of Argyll

Sharn Thurlon - OP

Lady Shimizu Ariko - OP

Duchess Sieglinde Syr - OP

Honorable Lady Siobhan nic an Baihrd - OP

Sion Glas - OP

Steffan of the Tall Pines - OP

Baron Subodai Khasar - OP

Lady Susan of Bryn Gwlad - OP

Lord Terric Bearsmountain - OP

Lord Thoron Draconis - OP

V - Z

Baroness Valencia Carlota Maria de Granada - OP

Baroness Vashti of the Flaming Tresses - OP

Lord Wilhelm von Fingwraz

Master William Blackfox - OP

Baron William Fitzwalter of Wallingford - OP

Lord William Fletcher of York - OP

Lord William of Dover - OP

William Merlic

Yamakado Choji - OP