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The Barony of Bjornsborg is located in San Antonio, Texas.


Previously known as the Wastes, and Bearsfort. Founded April 11, 1974 Became a Barony, November 27, 1976 Held their first event September 7th 1974, at the home of Melusine of the Tower. The first tourney was held November 29th-30 1975.

heraldic achievement for the Branch


The following People have sat the Baronial Thrones of Bjornsborg:

Erasimierz Waspanieski November 1976 - May 1978
Gwynneth Sanquebarr May 1978 - September 1979
Jan w Orzeldom and Alexandra Tatiana Feodorovna of Novgorod November 1979 - July 1983
Jan w Orzeldom July 1983 - July 1989
Mari ferch Rathyen (Vicaress) July 1989 - November 1989
Mari ferch Rathyen November 1989 - October 1993
Mari ferch Rathyen and Raimon Selenarktos October 1993 - October 1999
Emrys Shaunnon and Brianna ny Oran October 1999 - October 2004
Godwyn Alfricson and Radegund of Tours October 2004 - October 2009
Philippe LeChanceux and Suzanne Beraud October 2009 to present